`10 FFH/MMH Specific Suggestions and/or Best Practices for Better FE

Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by rtw819, May 18, 2009.

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    What is workshop manual? Is there one for the FFH? Can you say more about those different modes? I assume they are strategies the software is using to balance MPG, SoC, etc?

    When you tap the brake above SoC 46% does it go into fuel cut or only below 46%? I tried it today and it worked but I was not monitoring SoC.
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    Hi Bill

    The workshop manuals are the manuals the Ford Techs use to repair your vehicles at the dealerships and come in DVD's or paperback copies. Ford writes the manuals and they are published and sold through Helms at:http://helminc.com/helm/homepage.asp?r= The 1010 Fusion workshop and PCM/ED manuals are not available yet and my '09 workshop manuals just became available about 5 months ago. The '09 FEH/MMH PCM/ED manual came out first last Oct. '08 and that was what I was quoting from in my post. I highly recommend the PCM/ED paperback manual as soon as it comes out. I got all of my '05 FEH manuals (4) on eBay for $110 and the two volumes of workshop manuals for $100 about a month ago. I paid retail ($55) for my '09 FEH/MMH PCM/ED manual when it first came out because I could not wait for an eBay bid to see the changes.

    I can't rewrite all the modes here as quotes but basically positive split mode is where the engine is running and power is split to the generator (MG1) for charging the battery and to the wheels. Electric mode is just that with the engine off and the electric motors are providing all power to the wheels. In Neutral mode the output shaft is disengaged and there is no power going into or out of the eCVT. Neutral mode can allow the engine to charge the battery above 6mph (Active state) but there is no regen with the traction motor (MG2). Neutral under 6mph (Passive state) will not allow restarting the engine as Active mode will. Also, Passive state neutral will keep the engine on or off which state the engine was in when the vehicle was shifted into passive neutral. There is a new safeguard in my '09 FEH that will not let the battery drain below 32% SoC, but I don't know this is the case in passive neutral when the engine is off. Cranking mode is where MG1 spins the engine for start-up. There is no separate starter like the gas only versions.

    We are getting full fuel-cut above 40mph when the SoC is above ~46%. Rick discovered we could also get full fuel-cut above 40mph with a lower SoC by a tap on the brake pedal. Our '09 FEH's is limited to a 40mph EV speed where the FFH can go EV at 47mph. The battery and charging system has changed in the '10 FFH from our '09 FEH so you guys with the FFH will need to test Fuel-cut restrictions for your vehicles and report back results.

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    "We all need to read and then test techniques in both the '09 FEH and '10 Ffh to see if they work the same and post the results. "

    I now own a 2010 FFH--does it work the same way?
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    I think the '09 FEH and '10 FFH drivetrains are very similar and the '10 FEH is even closer to the FFH. All three engines are the same but the '09 FEH has a belt driven A/C for the cabin and the battery. The FFH and '10 FEH have an electric A/C for the cabin and no A/C for the battery. The FFH has much better highway mileage than either of the '09 or '10 FEH. Of course the FFH has the highest EV speed of 47mph, the '10 FEH is 44mph and the '09 FEH is 40mph. Ford has improve EV programming in the '10 models over the '09 FEH.

    As far as the techniques for hypermiling the jury is still out because I'm not getting any feedback from '10 FFH or '10 FEH owners. My '09 FEH is getting much better mileage on E10 than my '05 FEH and the techniques for hypermiling are much different because of the engine change and EV programming. There is also less work involved in hypermiling the '09 than the '05 FEH.

    Try using some of the techniques I'm using in the '09 FEH Techniques thread and post the results. If you need more information than I provided just ask.


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