New guy . . . and I’m on a mission! (long, but important post)

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by GoodPress4Hypermiling, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. lorrwill

    lorrwill learning the ropes

    I just sent you a link to a piece of work from "PC World" in which the author flat out equates hypermiling with a bunch of stupid, illegal techniques. Then in a case of split personality, he links to several pro hypermiling articles. But the author sure sounds like a hater.

    I am glad someone has stepped up to take these people to task.

    I have to go find that vitriol I read at (I think it was) Consumer Reports.
  2. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Heh, I sure could have used that sail through eastern CO / western
    Kansas, where I was getting totally hammered by a 90 degree
    crosswind most of that morning. *Then* I found the windmills
    later, in a region that seemed to be a bit more calm.
    Anyone in your family tree by the name of Bronner?? Pulse! Glide!
    Warp-stealth! OK!
  3. A024523

    A024523 Currently in Training

    Lorrwill, hey this looks like your first post, so welcome to the forum! And a very nice ride you got there. :D
  4. Catgic,

    I'm looking at the National Weather Service Hurricane information site and I see the space coast has been graced with the presence of Fay (who dropped about 4 inches of rain on us yesterday). I hope she's as gentle with you as she was with us. Good luck and safe passage.

    One other item - I'm trying to identify the carrier aircraft landing in your video. Is that a Grumman Tracker?
  5. To lorrwill,

    We received your Email containing the links. Thank you very much for being our "eyes and ears". We need more Hypermiliers to get involved like you did. Thank you again.
  6. A HUGE "THANK YOU" to all the forum members (especially Catgic) who contributed their ideas to help us fine tune our program's identity. Here is the new (and final) identity and concept for our public awareness/relations initiative -

    HYPERMILING - Smart, Safe, Lawful

    Again we ask for your continued help by making us aware anytime you see a story in the press / mass media which does not promote hypermiling in a positive way to the public at large. Thank you again for your input everyone.
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  7. angie1313

    angie1313 Member

    I would so put a "Pass me on the Left" bumper sticker on my car. I actually know a few people who would.
  8. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    THANK GOODNESS you're doing this! I'm 18, and a brand-new driver that really loves hypermiling. With your campaign, I'm sure you can make great strides! Thank you sir!

    However, what can an lowly comunity college student like myself do in order to assist you in "advancing" hypermiling at large?

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