New guy . . . and I’m on a mission! (long, but important post)

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    My vote
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    I am also against the term "Lawful Hypermiling"... I don't want to give us a bad name when I temporarily break the speed limit and do a downhill without brakes... Would be hypocritical if I had that bumper sticker on the back of my ride.
  3. Message received loud and clear. I will post a poll by tomorrow which will ask for feedback on an improved name for our program. Thanks for the input.
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    Why even acknowledge the inaccurate accusations of hypermiling being unsafe or unlawful? Start spreading the message clean from the get-go, for every 1 person who is aware of hypermiling having a "bad rap" there are probably 5-10 who don't have any knowledge of it at all.

    My Bumper sticker

    Hypermiling in Effect
    Driving Safer and More Efficiently

    I think that gets across the 2 main points
    1) If you know what Hypermiling is, I am driving as such
    2) If you arent sure what the first line means, you now have the impression that it is safe and efficient
    3) Website address for more info.

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  5. Sweet! Thanks for the very sensible input dxkj21.
  6. Okay . . . . the poll is live!

    It's located in:

    CleanMPG Forums
    » Clean MPG Topics
    » General
    Post: Please participate in this poll

    It will be available until Thursday morning, Aug 14. Thanks for participating
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    That is a big commitment. Bigger than most of us can handle. Thanks for stepping up to the plate. This takes many volunteers of various skills and dedication levels to make this a mainstream, accepted practice.

    Ordered the sticker (whatever it turns out to be).

    Please flesh out the education materials. This could be useful handouts for our MPG Rally in Lacey, WA each May.
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  8. To beatr911,

    Thanks for the support and recognition. This is the kind of "crusade" I've been needing to undertake for a long time (I'm a "grab the rope and pull" kinda guy). Once everything is fully up and running in the program, we should have the training materials you need. Thanks again.
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    when i click on the link to your site,i get an under construction notice :confused:
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    I think I posted this on another site before as a potential bumper sticker -

    If you can read this..... you are not speeding
  11. laurieaw

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    wow, just wow. :eek::D
  12. SpartyBrutus

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    Sorry - I will keep my posts shorter in the future.
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    LOL, no, you snuck in between my post and the related one. i am just amazed at catgic's prose :)
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    Hey catgic -- something like this?
    which I encountered in *Kansas*, of all places, the only downside
    being that none of them were actually *turning* yet. But there
    they were, only an hour past regions where rocker-beam oil pumps
    were almost equally dense.
    So there might be hope.
  15. A024523

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    LOL! I love the Sail-Power Assisted (SPA) , and good luck on the Beta Testing! ;) I can't wait to buy one. :D
  16. MT bucket

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    Does it float ?:D
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    Re: New guy . . . and I’m on a mission! (long, but important post)

    I agree completely. What verbage do you suggest?

  18. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    One of those "pass me on left" stickers would be cool!

    It is amazing how long it takes people to figure out that when there is two other lanes open , that I am not going to speed up for them! :p
  19. To Catgic (and fellow thread posters) -

    Sorry for my disappearance for the past few days. Bit of a health problem had me out of commission for the past week. I think I'm back (not 100% sure yet).

    I appreciate Catgic helping to remind me that it may not be best for me to give up all creative decision making on this program (especially regarding something [long-term program identity slogan] that will set the tone for a long-term, multi-purpose endeavor). I was probably being excessively generous in allowing so much input on such an important item (I am a serial focus-grouper and market researcher) and therefore, I was running the risk that my "strategic" intentions and vision could get narrowed/hobbled/deminished by not being very careful about setting the program identity correctly from the start.

    Thank you Catgic. I am going to be reviewing the poll results tonight, and measure that data carefully in regards to whether it supports/strengthens/reinforces the overall vision and requisite functions of the program as a whole.

    Thanks for waking me up to the fact that (my love of focus groups and democracy not withstanding) it is more important that I be the careful custodian of my own vision.

    I will not neglect the "tactical" components of this effort either. In addition to the program identity (strategic vision), I will make sure that we print and offer LOTS of tactical devices for Hypermilers (containing communicative messages along te lines of what you all have suggested).

    Thank you.

    P.S. Catgic - Were you a Naval Aviator? If so, do you still fly at all? I have just hung up my civilian wings due to deteriorating eyesight.

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