Adapting Basic Hypermiling Techniques to the HCH-II

Discussion in 'Articles' started by tarabell, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Burn in hell you spamming douche !
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    Dear Tarabell

    I usually get bored reading long articles, but you elaborated HCH ll 's efficiencies in such a beautiful way possible that I've been reading your article in paragraph wise & applying the techniques mentioned practically, helped me understand a Hybrid so well. I even enjoyed acting upon your barefooted advice.
    I've been struggling to know something about HCH ll, but grateful to you, you saved us all time, almost a complete article on any car.
    Thank you for your precious struggle which helped complete this article.
    May you have a satisfied & a happy guided life.
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    Hi Haroon:

    Beautiful reply and she is surely grateful.

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