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Vehicles: 2793
Model Summaries

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 2003protegeSilver Bullet FE2k12Q2 2003 MAZDA PROTEGE/PROTEGE Manual(M5) 139.6916.4740kWh575.334.922
 PaleMelanesian PaleFitChallenge 2009 Honda Fit Sport Manual 5 185.5722.80kWh122753.816
Skillederic1rHyper Sonata FE17 2011 Hyundai SONATA HYBRID Auto(L4) 141.08123.260kWh5390.643.734
 FXSTiFXSTi's FE-17 2011 Ford Fiesta 5M 163.1282.920kWh4260.651.382
 JonNC FE Challenge 17 2011 HYUNDAI ELANTRA AUTO(L6) 116.3755.5440kWh2165.338.984
 Die2selfDie2self Challenge 2011 HONDA FIT Manual(M5) 210.0721.5220kWh1265.958.819
 groar dennisius FE 2006 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 169.549.9640kWh3218.264.41
 FSUspectraBlueSteel FE 21 2005 KIA Spectra EX Manual(M5) 159.2881.3510kWh3239.339.819
 Mr. Pancake 1.3 civic 2003 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Manual(M5) 180.9752.8870kWh3254.161.529
 nighthawk 01 CRV 2WD FE 17 2001 Honda CRV 2wd A4 151.1837.8390kWh1172.730.992

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 ZroLimitedZroLimited's Vehicle 2008 Toyota Prius ECVT 80.6216.7550kWh82449.179
 ZigtheManZigtheMan's Vehicle 2010 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 102.2622.1550kWh1121.550.621
SkilledDoc WillieZhang Heng 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS CVT 102.01851.5690kWh4082847.944
 zeta_msz_006zeta_msz_006's HCH II 2008 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Auto(AV) 90.35233.6550kWh10555.945.177
 BennettZephy 2008 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Auto(AV) 114.07261.7770kWh12690.748.479
SkilledTubaGuy87Zee 2011 Honda CR-Z EX Manual(M6) 130.93112.9470kWh510245.172
SkilledGoZonerZeddy - 6MT 2011 Honda CR-Z 6MT 124.83356.50kWh15131.242.444
 Bennett Zeddy 2013 Honda CRZ-EX Navi CVT 104.3637.3440kWh1461.439.133
 Mr. Pancake Yep 2003 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Manual(M5) 164.1659.4940kWh3320.755.816
 99metro Y2k 2000 HONDA Insight M5 124.739.0360kWh619.968.603
 XurXur's Prius 2011 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 95.61688.0550kWh32564.547.328
 XerEagleXerEagle's Vehicle 2006 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Auto(AV) 95.8978.0670kWh3742.947.945
 WXWISEWXWISE 2005 TOYOTA PRIUS CVT 104.4748.7260kWh236748.578
SkilledWScottCrossWScottCross's FEH AWD 2006 FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 4 Auto(AV) 117.62471.4470kWh1497231.758
Elitewittesvoltwittesvolt 2012 CHEVROLET VOLT AUTO 626.5430.9524131.8kWh6690216.155
 BojackWith Insight 2000 HONDA INSIGHT Manual(M5) 93.591486.30kWh9110861.299
 WiserOne WiserOne's Vehicle 2010 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 94.5318.070kWh83746.32
 Aether gliderWINTER Dec 21st - March 2004 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 119.3353.2990kWh2957.455.487
 WingmnWingmn's 2013 FFH 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Auto(L5) 80.04302.2440kWh11370.737.621
 DanWife's MMH 2008 MERCURY MARINER HYBRID eCVT 94.45307.5390kWh9295.430.225
 bomber991Wife's Insight 2010 HONDA INSIGHT EX Auto(CVT) 97.4214.8950kWh8686.640.423
SkilledtbalenoWhere I store my stuff 2003 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Auto(AV) 102.34397.7480kWh19334.848.611
 wesshaw1@mac.comWes Shaw's Prius 2008 Prius II Pkg3 + GPS, Sca Auto(L5) 55.72477.60kWh1304027.303
 WeatherboyWeatherboy's Vehicle 2006 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 80.6941.80kWh187244.785
 wbruffwbruff's Vehicle 2005 FORD ESCAPE HEV 2WD Auto(AV) 98.75273.5540kWh9049.433.081
Skilledkayakwill Way Cool! (retired) 2004 HONDA INSIGHT Manual(M5) 124.1188.50kWh1473878.186
 WolfgangGullichWally 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid eCVT 96.1687.9210kWh2705.530.772
 wagdaddywagdaddy's Vehicle 2003 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID Auto(AV) 94.2322.90kWh102544.76
 vthebaultvthebault's Vehicle 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid eCVT 101.0672.8080kWh2832.8338.908
 VekTor VekTor's HCH-II 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT 112.9220.3540kWh976.847.991
 abcdpeterson Vacation Prius rental 2008 Toyota Prius Auto 120.2419.7790kWh1105.955.913
 txmountaineerTXM Escape Hybrid 2006 FORD ESCAPE HYBRID F Auto(AV) 93.281356.280kWh42380.131.247
 New YorkerTuobin 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS i-CVT 136.2246.666276.1kWh352875.601
 rickseguiTucsonRick's Vehicle 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS ECVT 010.610kWh64260.509
Skilledgplcoderttripp (Retired) 2004 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 104.46566.2260kWh32826.657.974
Expertt4haughtonTravis' Insight 2003 HONDA INSIGHT CVT 149.58403.670kWh28379.470.303
 TravellerTraveller's '10 FFH 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid eCVT 101.14501.5820kWh19530.638.938
 philmcnealtraded for NHW20 prius 2003 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 92.1581.8820kWh3848.0346.995
 AnnalogToyTurtle 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 85.7124.6170kWh117147.569
Skilledtomwtomw's Prius (retired) 2007 TOYOTA PRIUS Auto(AV) 100.7472.8710kWh22142.246.825
 twolostmindsTLM 2009 FEHL FWD 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid eCVT 102.95277.9110kWh9298.733.459
 Titan1969 Titan1969's Vehicle 2006 HONDA INSIGHT Auto(AV) 106.925.380kWh32560.409

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 ~M~ ~M~'s Vehicle 1998 HONDA CIVIC Manual(M5) 132.963.7790kWh163.343.212
ExpertRichXKU_STi - RETIRED 2005 SUBARU WRX STi Manual(M6) 125.68740.2490kWh17676.623.879
ExpertRichXKU_Rich's Fit (Yin) RETIRED 2007 Honda Fit Sport Manual(M5) 137.24566.7260kWh24110.442.543
SkilledRichXKU_Escape - RETIRED 2008 Ford Escape V6 4WD Auto(L4) 127.65812.4870kWh20223.624.891
 zx3_bmxrider zx3_bmxrider's Vehicle 2001 FORD FOCUS Manual(M5) 115.2229.960kWh1001.133.415
 turbobeetleZippy 2000 VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE Manual(M5) 168.9224.970kWh1054.542.231
 zeta_msz_006zeta_msz_006's G35 2003 INFINITI G35 Auto(S5) 85.4678.7660kWh1514.5619.229
 antreyZergling RETIRED 2006 Scion Xa 5spd Manua 117.7336.5460kWh1312.335.909
Skilledzef95Z-Wagon 2002 SAAB SAAB 9-5 WAGON Manual(M5) 110.71297.1960kWh8390.228.231
 70_WestYota 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA Auto(L4) 137.4755.90kWh2343.841.928
 yokiebearYokiebear's Vehicle 2008 Honda Fit Sport Auto(L5) 68.02266.7040kWh6349.7423.808
 jayehmkeYoda 2008 TOYOTA Yaris Auto 123.3259.3030kWh2669.345.011
 YLD II MEYLD II ME's Elantra GT 2001 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT Auto(L4) 109.1212.110kWh376.631.098
 dossanatorYeti 1988 TOYOTA FX M5 119.8772.580kWh2566.635.362
 JaralYe Olde Black Accord 1990 Honda Accord Manual(5) 138.84110.6090kWh4146.437.487
SkilledAustinYarisYarismobile 2007 Toyota Yaris LB Manual 123.07464.3690kWh18573.739.998
 Yarisman Yarisman's winter run 2008 Toyota Yaris auto 4 116.08161.6620kWh609937.727
 YarismanYarisman's Vehicle 2008 Toyota Yaris Sedan Auto(L5) 111.54221.0470kWh875339.598
 YarismanYarisman's FE 2008 Toyota Yaris Auto(L5) 123.48125.4230kWh4955.939.513
Skilledyaris12yaris12 2012 Toyota yaris 3 dr lb M(5sp) 127.611457.30kWh6322843.387
 trexYaris(hypermiled) 2007 TOYOTA YARIS Manual(M5) 146.6876.3660kWh4144.554.272
SkilledmkorejwoYaris Sedan 2007 TOYOTA Yaris 4DR Sedan Auto 105.76154.0070kWh5944.938.601
ExpertZerofloatYaris 2007 TOYOTA YARIS MAN5 125.58285.4260kWh13261.746.463
 yarbuttyarbutt's Vehicle 2008 Toyota Yaris Auto(L4) 117.4210.30kWh38737.573
 yab13eyab13e's Vehicle 2003 FORD FOCUS Manual(M6) 131.7733.9350kWh1028.530.308
 XyKo XyKo's 1993 Honda Civic VX Manual 118.228.50kWh1482.252.007
 xskasmithxxskasmithx's Vehicle 2003 HONDA CIVIC Auto(L4) 93.1819.760kWh62631.68
 XringerXRinger's Transporter 2009 Ford FWD Escape XLS 2.5L 6 Sp AT 96.5671.1140kWh1648.123.175
 car53XR650l 2009 HONDA XR650l 5 spd 103.913.4020kWh171.4550.397
 xmrxmr's Vehicle 1998 Honda Odyssey Auto 130.9228.60kWh80528.147
 xmrxmr's Vehicle 1998 Dodge Dakota 2x4 ext- Auto(L5) 136.7210.70kWh25623.925
SkilledScionXaPete Xena 2005 Scion Xa Manual 5 111.5189.9610kWh7201.437.91
 x98myers7 x98myers7's Vehicle 2008 Honda Fit (Base) MT 119.8315.5780kWh578.737.149
 wwChuckDo wwChuckDo's Vehicle 2008 NISSAN SENTRA CVT(L4) 131.124.550kWh86935.397
 wwChuckDo wwChuckDo's Truck 1996 DODGE DAKOTA PICKUP 2 Auto(L4) 120.3632.30kWh62219.257
 WRXfanWRX Wagon 2004 SUBARU IMPREZA WGN/OUT Manual(M5) 120.16170.810kWh4823.228.237
SkilledShowbizkWRX 2004 SUBARU WRX SPT WGN Manual(M5) 120.061595.50kWh4022625.212
 WriConsult WriConsult's Mazda5 2010 Mazda Mazda5 M5 12829.860kWh955.531.999
SkilledWriConsultWriConsult rental cars 2010 Varies e.g. Ford Focus AT 121.82259.9720kWh9184.235.328
SkilledWriConsultWriCon's Elantra Touring 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring M5 131.131001.080kWh35442.635.404
 wpete2wpete2's Vehicle 2008 MAZDA MX-5 Manual(M6) 111.1180kWh24030
Expertworthywadsworthywads's Vehicle 2005 TOYOTA TACOMA 2wd Manual(M5) 128.832548.790kWh77166.830.276
 trexkerry2Worn Out Mustang 2000 FORD MUSTANG Manual(M5) 113.55113.0030kWh3143.627.819
 WindPower4ALLWork Truck 2004 CHEVROLET K1500 SILVERADO Manual(M5) 149.16126.030kWh3101.724.611
 FJ25Work Truck 2011 Chevrolet 1500 4WD Auto 6 104.111391.990kWh2608618.74
EliteAether gliderWork FSP 2003 FORD EXPLORER FFV 4W Auto(L5) 168.77328.1690kWh9138.327.846
ExpertHyperMilerWonton Mobile 2006 KIA RIO LX Auto(L4) 129.33577.0190kWh22388.638.8

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 savefuelVW POLO 1.2 TDI BM 2010 VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.2 TDI bl M5 116.6726.1450kWh2058.9178.75
ElitesavefuelVW GOLF CABRIO TDI 1999 VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO Manual(M5) 177.69757.8320kWh53189.770.187
EliteVirtualciacio Virtualciacio's Vehicle 2007 Renault Megane Manual(M6) 208.1679.4790kWh32521.947.863
 VeloPeloton VeloPeloton's Vehicle 2005 VOLVO V50 AWD Manual(M6) 92.613.7370kWh540.5939.353
 VegasJeep VegasJeep's Vehicle 2011 Mercedes SprinterVan Auto 051.90kWh140627.091
Skilledtommyttommyt's Vehicle 2003 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 102.541476.30kWh68879.546.657
 jackcrevalleThe Skunk 1985 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel Manual 144.7131.1020kWh1867.860.054
 ocmpgdThe Rover 1998 Rover 400 SLDI Manual(M5) 96.551176.980kWh5000042.482
EliteBig DaveThe Red Baron 2000 Ford F350 Manual 6 s 161.53859.0410kWh22201.825.845
 KlusterThe Pig2 2003 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Manual(M5) 89.07193.3320kWh7835.1340.527
 Tallika_Fan Tallika_Fan's Vehicle 2002 SEAT 1.4 TDI Manual(M5) 76.1830.9160kWh1460.247.231
 Superdutytd Superduty 2008 FORD F-250 Auto(L5) 126.2630.690kWh542.517.677
 Student Driver Student Driver's Vehicle 2009 VW JSW Manual(M6) 130.2513.1920kWh61046.24
Expert99metroSnowball (retired) 2003 FORD F250 CC Auto 134.81285.9110kWh5396.318.874
 Ozark JimSnickers 1978 Mercedes Benz 300 SD Auto 112.4724.50kWh62025.306
 apassSlowest-Driver 2003 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA TDI Manual(M5) 159.2663.0260kWh4567.272.465
 ishtmailSkodillac FE23 2004 Skoda OctaviaCombi1.9 Manual L5 174.1442.8410kWh2834.9466.174
Skilledgroarscenic 2001 Renault Scenic Manual(M5) 116.08301.020kWh13802.545.852
 Ron3KLRon's Octavia Wagon 2008 SKODA Octavia II RS C Auto(DSG6) 97.18381.2110kWh14077.136.927
 pumamanpumaman's TDI Jet 2012 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M6) 130.9558.6580kWh2765.347.143
 pclementpclement's Vehicle 2000 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 98.6938.4160kWh1497.538.981
Skilledma and pa Pa's TDI 2009 VW Jetta TDI DSG 128.931281.010kWh56978.844.48
Skilledvtec-eOllie's Yaris 2004 TOYOTA YARIS Manual(M5) 123.58525.1030kWh35691.767.971
 jbcOil Burner 2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Manual(m5) 126.499.50kWh484248.663
EliteNJ2005VWTDI NJ2005VWTDI's Vehicle 2005 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 196.17269.920kWh1456153.946
 narenji narenji's Vehicle 2010 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M6) 130.9765.70kWh3097.647.148
Skilledmuladmulad's Jetta TDI 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 1.9L Manual(M5) 100.49615.0780kWh2379738.689
 moldylocksmoldylocks's Vehicle 2000 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 95.45140kWh60843.429
SkilledTomMigMO 1998 OPEL Astra X17DTL Manual(M5) 111.151032.670kWh45337.343.903
 olivergtMiss Piggy 2002 Peugeot 206 hdi Man(5) 90.2822.6980kWh133258.685
ExpertMikeMarsUKMikeMarsUK's Vehicle 2000 VW PASSAT TDi 115h MANUAL(M5) 134.35240.9050kWh13755.257.098
 shaggwareMike's MKV Jetta 2009 VW Jetta TDI Auto(DSG) 120.8613.0680kWh544.941.697
 Giffer2Merv 2005 Vauxhall Meriva 1.7CDTi Manual 85.7952.2930kWh181734.747
Elitegroarmegane 1997 Renault Megane Classic Manual(M5) 171.01727.8080kWh4418560.71
 Mazdaman323 Mazdaman323's TDI 2009 VOLKSWAGON JETTA TDI Auto(L6) 110.47190.9460kWh7277.138.111
 maxalanmaxalan's Vehicle 2009 FORD Mondeo 1.8 TDCi Manual (6s 110.3387.3410kWh395145.237
 malotto malotto's Vehicle 2006 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Auto(S6) 112.468.1690kWh295043.275
Expertlupo 3llupo 3l 2001 Volkswagen Lupo 3L 1.2 TDI Auto(L5) 130.8139.420kWh13403.396.136
 drock1982Little Red Wagon 2002 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 112.4623.870kWh1221.451.169
 lippsnorthlippsnorth's Vehicle 2005 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA WAGON Auto(L4) 194.7349.9970kWh2531.450.631
Skilledsno779Lil Tractor 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TDI Manual(M5) 115.562632.940kWh12778648.534
 kmactaviKirk's Jetta 2001 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA TDI Manual(M5) 179.5364.9990kWh4609.4470.915
 keywestbobkeywestbob's 2004 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA WAGON Manual(M5) 118.09101.880kWh499349.009
SkilledK5ING K5ING's Golf TDI 2001 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Manual(M5) 104.07461.9010kWh21872.147.352
SkilledseftonmJolf TDI 2001 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF (Ret.) 5M 107.09755.40kWh36807.348.726
 jettaqc97 jettaqc97's Vehicle 1997 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA Manual(M5) 104.9860.3390kWh2438.6340.415
 Ryvin1 Jetta Wagon TDI 2004 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA WAGON Auto(L4) 98.6418.9230kWh718.637.975
 joeljensen Jetta 2000 VW Jetta Auto 133.329.240kWh42545.996

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 YarismanYarisman's Bike 2006 Yamaha VStar man 5 118.636.9570kWh309.544.488
 CoolGamesYamaha Tw200 2005 Yamaha TW200 Manual(M5) 01.3360kWh107.380.314
 chrishonson xt 350 1991 yamaha xt 350 manual (6) 017.3130kWh967.855.9
 mkorejwoVstar 650 Motorcycle 2006 Yamaha VStar 650 Manual(5) 35.45128.4030kWh6373.149.634
 southerncannuck Vino 2009 Yamaha Vino 125 Auto(L5) 010.7980kWh101593.999
 TRun10TRun10's Vulcan 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD Manual (6) 063.80kWh336252.696
 TRun10TRun10's Avitar 2007 Hyosung GV650 5-spd Manu 082.390kWh3921.647.598
 TheLogo TheLogo's Vehicle 2010 Honda SH150i Auto(L5) 91.0818.5560kWh135272.861
 TheRiderThe Pocket Change Express 2005 YAMAHA TW200 Manual(5) 121.0642.0720kWh3845.391.398
Skilledalvaro84Teresa 2004 BMW F650CS 5-speed MT 121.31782.3040kWh61685.278.851
 hyperboon Suzuki GS650 1982 Suzuki Gs650 Auto(L5) 86.612.0710kWh47.5322.951
 pwillikersSuzi 2000 Suzuki SV650 N (M6) 040.8710kWh2115.251.753
 stretched_overstretched Motorcyle 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250R 6pd 021.9650kWh1191.554.245
Elitesoutherncannuck Star Tourer 2011 Yamaha 950 VStar Toure 5 speed 0104.9390kWh616758.767
ElitesoutherncannuckSH150I 2010 Honda SH150I cvt 155.56130.4840kWh1258596.449
 Scribs212Scribs212's Vehicle 2006 HONDA CBR 600 F4i MANUAL(M6) 108.175.6540kWh253.844.889
 diamondlarry Scooter 2010 Zenghua Tiger Trike 300 dry-auto a 06.5170kWh350.353.752
SkilledantreyRed Ninja RETIRED 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 500R Manual 6sp 120.35132.1570kWh7316.555.362
 ac7ssRed Beast 1982 HONDA V45 Sabre Manual 6 100.9611.5470kWh44338.365
 Slick26RA1D3R 2009 Yamaha Raider Manual(5) 92.87145.3090kWh5735.539.471
 proptied proptied's 650R 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 650R 6sp 114.2810.9330kWh53148.569
 flattyPrius 1937 Harley Davidson ULH M4 110.056.10kWh308.850.623
 gazzelintensePizzaBike 2006 Kawasaki KLR 650 5 speed 106.5868.8250kWh330147.962
SkilledAL100x100PIAGGIO X9 250 EVO 2004 PIAGGIO X9 250 EVO CVT 105.28106.9110kWh6190.7457.906
ExpertantreyPearl RETIRED 2006 Honda VFR800 Manual 6sp 125.65236.6910kWh11449.648.374
 osme osme's V-Strom 2006 SUZUKI DL650 V-Strom Manual(M6) 113.065.5310kWh293.9153.136
 jcp123 Nightie 2009 Harley Nightster 5-speed ma 92.76167.1710kWh7675.645.915
 nfernandesnfernandes's CBR 600RR 2006 HONDA CBR 600RR 6 speed 97.8525.1270kWh860.534.246
 FSUspectraMy Peeps (Sold) 2007 Kymco People S 250 Auto CVS 022.6690kWh1487.465.614
Skilledmg2969Mike's Reflex 2007 Honda Reflex 250 CVT 104.5789.6960kWh5627.662.741
 MikeNMike's CBR600RR 2007 Honda CBR600RR Manual 6s 82.62.230kWh74.633.453
 Lugnuts001Lugnuts001's 2006 Yamaha 2006 Yamaha XT225 Manual(6) 108.55.4290kWh43079.204
 87LX Larry 2008 Yamaha WR250R Manual(6) 01.9020kWh190.76100.293
 car53 KLR 250-D 1998 KAWASAKI KLR250-D Man 6 spd 157.560.6070kWh52.686.656
 dashekKLR 2008 Kawaski KLR650 Manual 0370kWh208056.216
 JimboKJim's Motorcycle 1997 Honda Shadow VLX 600c 4-speed 116.7427.5310kWh160758.37
 2008Mazda3iGONE 2003 Kawasaki EX500 2003 Kawasaki EX-500 Manual (6) 127.2914.2090kWh813.957.281
 gershon Gershon's scooter 2007 suzuki burgman 650 cvs 04.9930kWh299.159.903
 gershon Gershon's Burgman 650 2007 Suzuki Burgman 650 cvs 011.5310kWh653.456.665
 deconsumptionFJR 1300 2006 YAMAHA FJR1300 Auto(L5) 120.4143.5170kWh209648.165
 seftonm F650GS 2007 BMW F650GS M5 036.6410kWh2118.8857.828
 car53Erik's Shadow 1 Honda Shadow Man 5 118.4215.6960kWh836.453.287
Skilledwittesvoltduel sport 2007 Suzuki Dr 200 SE Manual 5 124.2280.50kWh725090.062
 GuySmily DL1000 2003 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 Manual(M6) 058.7940kWh271546.178
EliteshiNINCiliegia 2005 HYOSUNG GV250 Manual(M5) 0316.0810kWh2503579.204
 seftonm CBR 2008 Honda CBR125R M6 014.3320kWh1535.53107.143
 warthog1984 Blue Bandit 1998 SUZUKI Bandit 600 MT6 105.2431.370kWh1782.856.831

Owner Reverse Sort OrderVehicle Name Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
% of EPA Reverse Sort Order
Fueled By
US Gallons
Reverse Sort Order
Reverse Sort Order
US MPG Reverse Sort Order
 TraalTraal's eBike 2008 Crystalyte Cannon Auto(L5) 00.0150.519kWh201346.801
 rasteiner rasteiner's Vehicle 1994 Subaru Just-E m5 001275.43kWh51090
 cpeter38PB 2015 FFE - FE XXXI 2015 Ford Focus Electric 236.935.445183.5kWh1012.7185.987
 cpeter38PB 2015 FFE 2015 Ford Focus Electric 233.749.093306.4kWh1668.4183.484
SkillediluvmacsMatt's Leaf on the Wind 2013 Nissan Leaf 133.11130.7364445.01kWh20099.1153.738
ExpertiluvmacsMatt's 2012 Leaf 2012 Nissan Leaf 164.269.862375.2kWh11356.1162.555
SkilledBillLinHooch 2013 Nissan Leaf SV 137.6461.8822085.7kWh9837.6158.974
 elemelem's Vehicle 2011 giant momentum scooter eco/power 124.870.63721.065kWh636.07998.992
 darelldddarelldd's Rav4EV 2002 TOYOTA Rav4EV none 87.8410kWh112112
 antreyCrystalyte My Fire 2013 K2 Zed 4.6 Electri Crystalyte 01.772.372kWh393.9222.58
Elitermcmast 2013 Chevy Volt 2013 Chevrolet Volt eCVT 970.2416.5320kWh6015363.84
 xcel 2009 Zero S Review 2009 Zero Motorcycle Zero S Auto(1) 004.15kWh55.20
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