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Finally the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid!
Mar 26, 2015 - 11:38 AM - by xcel
Wonderful 2.5L Camry Hybrid drivetrain and all the utility you could ever want.
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 26, 2015

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – Just a peek... For now.

This morning Toyota finally announced the RAV4 Hybrid that it will show at this years New York International Auto Show on April 2nd.

It should have the same lineage as the very intriguing 2015 Lexus NX 300h. Meaning a modern interior and appointments and a little more edgy exterior design.

I will assume an AWD variant will be available or will be soon after the launch of the FWD model?

I also expect to see the Avalon/HiHy/NXh Qi built... [Read More]
6 Replies | 1,112 Views
Would You Buy the $55,000 Hayabusa Powered Tanom Motors Invader?
Mar 26, 2015 - 10:51 AM - by ALS
Steering, gas, brake and clutch are likes a normal car's layout, and the shifting is available as a paddle or center lever.

William Connor - - March 26, 2015

Forget the boring modern closed cockpit car and the snowmobile styling of the Spyder. The Tanom TC-3 packs a 197 hp Hayabusa motor, carbon fiber with a sequential shifter, and a huge rear tire that flat rips it.

That's prototype number 1 you see above. It has an open cabin that gives you a view of the front wheels articulating over road imperfections. It also has steering you haven't experienced since running a go-kart, and that... [Read More]
5 Replies | 721 Views
2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid > 45 mpg combined
Mar 25, 2015 - 2:13 PM - by xcel
The upcoming Malibu just entered my “this could be great” round house.
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 25, 2015

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid – Pricing TBA and at least a 45 mpg combined rating… Scheduled for the global reveal in NY on April 1.

A complete redesign of the Malibu for 2016 despite being a complete redesign for the 2013 MY. The company added a much needed 4 inches of wheelbase which will cure that “small kids only” backseat!!! The profile looks more modern... [Read More]
10 Replies | 1,231 Views
2016 Audi A6 Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Rating
Mar 24, 2015 - 5:23 PM - by xcel
Audi’s A6 incorporates class leading design, the latest technology, over the top efficiency when TDI equipped and now a Top Safety Pick+ rating.

Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 24, 2015

2016 Audi A6 during the IIHS Small Overlap Crash Test.

Following up on our 2016 Audi A6/A7 reveal and preview from the LA Auto Show last November, Audi just announced that its refreshed 2016 Audi A6 has just been awarded a Top Safety Pick+ rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)... [Read More]
3 Replies | 1,101 Views
2016 Lexus RX Reveal in NY Next Month
Mar 24, 2015 - 4:05 PM - by xcel
Just a tease but let us hope it incorporates the Camry Hybrids 2.5L Hybrid drivetrain this time around.
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 24, 2015

The 2016 Lexus RX. A little of it anyway.

A short blurb that Lexus will introduce the all-new 2016 RX at the 2015 New York International Auto Show on April 1st. The RX has dominated mid-size luxury utility vehicle sales since its release 17 years ago. The all-new fourth generation RX will make its global debut during the Toyota press conference in the Galleria at Jacob Javits Convention Center on Wednesday, April 1 at 9:10 a.m. EDT.

What to expect? The interior is already a great... [Read More]
2 Replies | 1,121 Views
Glow in the Dark Battery Electric Cars and Roadways
Mar 24, 2015 - 3:10 PM - by xcel
Love the LEAF and road lighting. Not so much a fan of the Rare Earths used to make the LEAF glow however.

Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 21, 2015

Glow in the Dark LEAF on the Glow in the Dark Highway. What will Nissan think of next.

A cute release by Nissan in which it shows the company’s LEAF in a unique glow-in-the-dark covering driving along the world's first glow-in-the-dark motorway in Oss, the Netherlands.

Nissan was the first... [Read More]
0 Replies | 1,050 Views
Ford's new car will force you to obey the speed limit
Mar 24, 2015 - 2:16 PM - by ALS
A camera mounted on the windshield scans the road signs on the sides of the highway

Daniel Cooper - ENGADGET - March 24, 2015

Much as we'd like to emulate our NASCAR heroes, breaking the speed limit often comes at a price. Ford is hoping to prevent accidents and speeding tickets by introducing cars that can see what the speed limit is and preventing heavy-footed motorists from driving any faster. Ford's Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on the new Ford S-Max that's launching in Europe that could just change the way that we drive.

... [Read More]
16 Replies | 1,192 Views
Driving ban on half Paris motorists after air pollution briefly tops Shanghai
Mar 23, 2015 - 6:12 PM - by ALS
Even-numbered number plates were told to stay off Paris roads and public transport is free on Monday in bid to cut harmful smog
Henry Samuel - TELEGRAPH - March 23, 2015

Paris on Monday imposed a partial driving ban and made public transport free in an attempt to cut noxious smog, after pollution levels briefly surpassed that of Shanghai last week.

Authorities announced that all cars with plates ending in even numbers must stay off the roads on Monday, after days of political wrangling over how to tackle the high amount of harmful... [Read More]
0 Replies | 1,128 Views
FIA-WEC Preview - Audi R18 e-tron quattro Turbo Diesel Hybrid Is Even More Efficient
Mar 22, 2015 - 11:35 PM - by xcel
558 hp turbo diesel and 272 hp KERS like Hybrid storage make for one of the most technologically advanced LMP1 cars on the track.
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 21, 2015

Audi’s 2015 R18 e-tron quattro

For the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours and the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season, Audi Sport thoroughly revised the R18 e-tron quattro. The company revised both the turbo diesel and KERS like hybrid propulsion and aero as it attempts to take Le Mans for the fourth consecutive year.

Audi is starting the 2015 season with the revised R18 e-tron quattro as it transitions into the 4-megajoule hybrid sports car... [Read More]
3 Replies | 1,372 Views
Nissan Adds another 1,000 New Jobs in Tennessee
Mar 21, 2015 - 2:22 PM - by xcel
Largest vehicle assembly facility in the Americas expands yet again.

Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 21, 2015

Nissan announces another major U.S. expansion project for its Smyrna, TN manufacturing facilities creating an additional 1,000 jobs.

This week Nissan announced it will expand its U.S. manufacturing footprint with Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd joining Nissan officials at the State Capitol to announce a new $160 million supplier park project at the company's Smyrna, Tenn. vehicle assembly plant.

... [Read More]
0 Replies | 1,499 Views
The ridiculous reason why Hong Kong malls are extremely cold
Mar 20, 2015 - 8:33 AM - by ALS
Air conditioning in Hong Kong makes up as much as 30% of all electricity used in the city each year, and that number skyrockets to as much as 60% during the summer
Megan Willett - - March 20, 2015

All in the perception of luxury or a sign of wealth, give me a break --Ed.

Shoppers keep their coats on while walking past a Hugo Boss store.It’s a common problem that come summer, everyone in Hong Kong gets a cold. It has nothing to do with the temperatures outside, but instead the constant and unrelenting air conditioning inside.

"Often I have been to TST on shopping mall visits — yes, that’s my job — and end... [Read More]
3 Replies | 1,583 Views
2016 Kia Optima Rendering for NY Auto Show Reveal
Mar 18, 2015 - 8:51 PM - by xcel
Kia pulled out the stops once again!
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 18, 2015

Kia’s revolutionary designs were spearheaded by the current President of Hyundai Kia Motor Company & Hyundai Motor Group, Mr. Peter Schreyer. As Chief Design Officer and President of Hyundai Motor Group of Kia Motors Corp., from September 2006 through late 2012, Mr. Schreyer almost single-handedly reworked the entire Kia lineup with a new design direction to attract a younger customer. The current gen Optima was his tour de force. Even without a redesign the Optima continues to be one of the most attractive mid-sizes available in North America today.

... [Read More]
3 Replies | 1,913 Views
03/18 through 03/31 – New 2015 Hyundai Elantra SEs for $14,400 +TTL
Mar 18, 2015 - 2:38 PM - by xcel
At this price, the Elantra is a STEAL!
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 18, 2015

2015 Hyundai Elantra SE - $18,200 for the 6-speed MT incl. mats, D&H (Sport shown) while offering a 28/38 mpg city/highway rating.

While looking for deals on C, D and CUV segment deals, I came across the best compact deal I have seen since the 2012 Civic with a stick for $14,500. And this deal is even better!

The Hyundai Elantra returns for the 2015 model year with new features and packaging updates. The multiple award-winning compact continues with the highest in its segment for initial quality in the... [Read More]
2 Replies | 1,899 Views
Another Accolade for the Sonata Hybrid Just Prior to the 2nd Generation Release
Mar 18, 2015 - 10:49 AM - by xcel
The price is right!
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 18, 2015

2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - $26,000 to start while offering owners a 36/40 mpg city/highway rating. Pic was taken in downtown Chicago during our last drive of one almost two years ago.

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid was named one of the 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Car Under $25,000 by KBB yesterday. With its industry-leading Hybrid Lifetime Battery Warranty, an EPA-estimated 40 mpg highway rating and no increase in price from 2014, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is as practical and affordable as it is efficient.

The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid starts at $26,000. It is also available in Limited trim for $29,500. The... [Read More]
18 Replies | 2,091 Views
Avis’ London Rental Fleet Receives the Prius c (Yaris Hybrid over there)
Mar 17, 2015 - 1:58 PM - by xcel
One of the most efficient cars without a plug can be rented through Avis out of Heathrow.
Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 17, 2015

2015 Toyota Prius c – $20,544 to stat incl. mats, D&H and provides owners with a 53/46 mpg city/highway rating. Here in the states that is.

Avis will be purchasing as many as 100 Yaris Hybrids for its London regional fleet and adding a red nose to each new vehicle to help raise funds for Comic Relief.

Avis considers Yaris Hybrid to be an ideal proposition for driving in and around the capital. Along with being compact, nimble and easy to drive, the full hybrid B-segment, can be driven through downtown London without paying a congestion... [Read More]
3 Replies | 2,116 Views
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