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April 2011 Electric, Hybrid and high FE non-hybrid sales – Gone In Sixty Seconds

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Old 05-27-2011, 03:42 AM
ItsNotAboutTheMoney ItsNotAboutTheMoney is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Vehicles: 2010 Toyota Prius II, 2013 Chevrolet Volt
Location: Maine (41.4mi rtc <=55mph, 18kmi/yr 45mph-65mph)
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April 2011 Electric, Hybrid and high FE non-hybrid sales – Gone In Sixty Seconds
Colin Wright - CleanMPG - May 27th, 2011

While Japan begins to rebuild and restores supply chains, in April Americans car buyers saw the effects of the parts shortages that have restricted both the export of car manufactured in Japan and cars assembled in North America.

The manufacturing of hybrids and electrics was particularly hard hit. With high gas prices continuing demand has risen, the inventory has been sold and the great deals have disappeared. Buyers can expect to pay MSRP for a new car, the price of an efficient used car has risen significantly and Prius pedal panic is a distant memory. Dealers simply can't meet demand and the effect was seen on sales. However, with the population now more mentally prepared for the four dollar gallon, we aren't seeing the mark-ups of 2007 and 2008 and dealers still are having some difficulty selling the costly ugly sisters like the Insight EX.

Perhaps it's also because this time around consumers have more efficient options amongst conventional vehicles. They've certainly gone for two of them.

There are two rising compact stars taking a big chunk of the sales. After the success with the Sonata the class-leading Hyundai Elantra's success was expected. But the star of April has to be the Chevrolet Cruze.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze, from $16,525

The Chevrolet Cruze Eco MT,rated 28/42/33 by the EPA tests, has provided a magic highway number GM can use in their advertising. But, it is not a number, it is a car, and it has impressed many reviewers, including CleanMPG's Wayne Gerdes. A small turbocharged engine, two tall high gears, reduced weight, low rolling resistance tires and aerodynamic tweaks combine to produce the most.

While the fuel economy numbers for Cruze Eco AT and the rest of the Cruze models aren't special when compared to the Elantra or the new models coming from Honda and Ford, it doesn't seem to have harmed its sales: it beat the Corolla in April and is the 3rd biggest selling C segment car this year. The public are forgiving the mileage in exchange for a well-equipped, drivable, American car.

Not only is the public buying the Cruze, they're willing to pay for it. The staple demands of automatic transmission with cruise control and air conditioning means an MSRP of $19,700, which is certainly not cheap.

But for those still concerned about the mileage, GM isn't standing still. The 2012 model LT automatics will see a 2mpg improvement in the highway rating of the LT trims, taking them to 38mpg and those drivers who like shifting will be pleased to know that the LT models will have the manual transmission as the standard.

GM will also make cruise control standard on the 1LT, instead of it being a packaged option. However, fans of seat bottom tilt will now have to look elsewhere as the 8-way adjustable seats will only be 6-way adjustable.

Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrids

The Honda Civic posted sales of 26,777 in April 2011; up 3.0% compared to 25,042 in April 2010.

The Chevrolet Cruze posted sales of 25,160 in April 2011; the Chevrolet Cruze was not sold until September 2010. Did anybody predict such a stellar sales performance?

The Toyota Corolla posted sales of 24,215 in April 2011; down 16.5% compared to 27,932 in April 2010. It never sold on drivability, so it's not surprising the old Corolla is taking a hit from the new kids on the block.

The Hyundai Elantra posted sales of 22,100 in April 2011; up 120.4% compared to 9,657 in April 2010. While other manufacturers have special models to hit the magic 40mpg on the highway, all the Elantra sedans do it. Well-equipped, efficient, competitively priced and from a company with a growing reputation for reliability. It's no surprise they're having to import to meet demand.

The Ford Focus posted sales of 17,265 in April 2011; up 17.9% compared to 14,107 in April 2010. While sales were up in April, they're still down for the year and it's only the 5th best seller in the C segment. The competition is tough.

The Ford Fiesta posted sales of 9,147 in April 2011; the Ford Fiesta was not sold until June 2010. Another strong sales month, with the Fiesta the top-selling efficient subcompact.

The Honda Fit posted sales of 8,116 in April 2011; up 66.3% compared to 4,699 in April 2010. The Fit is a generous subcompact has always been a good seller. High gas prices means more sales and no doubt sales would have been higher if it weren't for supply issues.

The Nissan Versa posted sales of 6,413 in April 2011; down 6.4% compared to 6,599 in April 2010. Its low price made it a good seller, but there's no doubt the Fiesta and the Kia Soul have taken a chunk out of its market.

The Mini Cooper posted sales of 4,737 in April 2011; up 18.7% compared to 3,843 in April 2010. With numbers better than expected for a niche player, the premium subcompact is selling well in the days of $4 gallons.

The Chevrolet Aveo posted sales of 4,645 in April 2011; up 61.1% compared to 2,777 in April 2010. The re-badged Daewoo is unchanged and about to be replaced by the Sonic, but higher gas prices still boost its sales.

The Hyundai Accent posted sales of 4,390 in April 2011; up 41.4% compared to 2,990 in April 2010. Another car about to be replaced, the Accent's sales grew with the rest of the segment.

The Kia Rio posted sales of 2,575 in April 2011; down 17.9% compared to 3,020 in April 2010. One word: Soul.

The Toyota Yaris posted sales of 1,987 in April 2011; down 50.5% compared to 3,862 in April 2010. Forget supply issues, the Yaris is old and forgotten.

The Mazda Mazda2 posted sales of 1,368 in April 2011; the Mazda Mazda2 was not sold until July 2010. Another car hit by supply problems.

The Fiat 500 posted sales of 882 in April 2011; the Fiat 500 was not sold until March 2011. Sales are limited so far. With a small size and ordinary fuel economy, it's really not surprising.

April 2011 Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrid Sales Summary

  Month  Year to Date 
Make and ModelApril 2011April 2010DSR* % ChangeApril 2011April 2010DSR* % Change
Honda Civic
Chevrolet Cruze
Toyota Corolla
Hyundai Elantra
Ford Focus
Ford Fiesta
Honda Fit
Nissan Versa
Mini Cooper
Chevrolet Aveo
Hyundai Accent
Kia Rio
Toyota Yaris
Mazda Mazda2
Fiat 500
DSR* There were 27 selling days in April 2011 compared to 26 in April 2010. There were 102 selling days in the year to April 2011 compared to 100 in 2010.

Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

The Toyota Prius posted sales of 12,477 in April 2011; down 4.3% compared to 12,555 in April 2010. It's not a demand problem, it's a supply problem. After two and half years of great deals, the Prius is now a hot item and prices are back to MSRP and above. Supply is expected to be limited to 12,000 per month until September. With weaknesses elsewhere Toyota are going to be working hard to get their production up again. Mississippi, Toyota, Mississippi.

The Honda Insight posted sales of 2,644 in April 2011; up 35.4% compared to 1,880 in April 2010. Finally, Honda could be getting sales closer to their original targets, but supply problems abound and you'll be lucky to see anything except an EX on a lot.

The Honda CR-Z posted sales of 1,819 in April 2011; the Honda CR-Z was not sold until December 2010. If CleanMPG is anything to go by, the sporty look and availability of a manual transmission is bringing in some buyers.

The Ford Fusion/Lincoln MKZ posted sales of 1,788 in April 2011; up 47.8% compared to 1,165 in April 2010. April 2010 figures included the Mercury Milan. Using a 20% MKZ hybrid conversion rate, at least 509 sales were MKZs, at most 1,279 Fusions were sold. Sales were reasonable, but no doubt affected by Japan. Sonata Hybrids are now on sales and May's figures will be interesting.

The Ford Escape posted sales of 1,170 in April 2011; up 0.7% compared to 1,119 in April 2010. April 2010 sales included the now-discontinued Mercury Mariner. The Ford Escape was back to the top of the hybrid SUV sales as Lexus sales were affected.

The Lexus RX 450h posted sales of 1,167 in April 2011; down 8.8% compared to 1,232 in April 2010.

The Lexus CT 200h posted sales of 875 in April 2011; the Lexus CT 200h was not sold until December 2010. Rather than a post-release slump it's easy to suggest that supply was an issue.

The Nissan LEAF posted sales of 573 in April 2011; the Nissan LEAF was not sold until December 2010. Finally, the LEAF beat the Volt as the end of major Japanese subsidies means increased supply to the USA. Well, one ship made it out before the supply was reduced. Nissan have said manufacturing is getting back up to speed, but the rate's still relatively slow.

The Chevrolet Volt posted sales of 493 in April 2011; the Chevrolet Volt was not sold until December 2010. Although built in the USA using Korean batteries the Volt has Japanese components that were affected by Japan. It's tough to determine a trend with certainly. GM said they directed some vehicles to dealerships for demonstratation models so sales were lower than expected in April.

The Lexus HS 250h posted sales of 279 in April 2011; down 75.0% compared to 1,076 in April 2010. Never mind supply, demand is the problem. The HS 250h was never that impressive and hardly sell.

The Honda Civic posted sales of 121 in April 2011; down 81.2% compared to 621 in April 2010. Production of the 2011 was stopped as Honda decided that the abysmal sales numbers meant they might as well retool for the 2012 rather than rush production back up to speed.

April 2011 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Sales Summary

  Month  Year to Date 
Make and ModelApril 2011April 2010DSR* % ChangeApril 2011April 2010DSR* % Change
Toyota Prius
Honda Insight
Honda CR-Z
Ford Fusion/Lincoln MKZ
Ford Escape
Lexus RX 450h
Toyota Camry
Lexus CT 200h
Nissan LEAF
Chevrolet Volt
Lexus HS 250h
Honda Civic
DSR* There were 27 selling days in April 2011 compared to 26 in April 2010. There were 102 selling days in the year to April 2011 compared to 100 in 2010.

Automobile Manufacturer's US Sales Rank - April 2011 vs. April 2010 and Totals
  1. GM up 26.4% to 232,538 vehicles sold
  2. Ford up 16.0% to 189,778
  3. Toyota down 2.4% to 159,540 vehicles sold
  4. Honda up 5.7% to 124,799 vehicles sold
  5. Chrysler up 31.4% to 117,225 vehicles sold
  6. Nissan up 12.2% to 71,526 vehicles sold
  7. Hyundai up 40.0% to 61,754 vehicles sold
  8. Kia up 56.7% to 47,074 vehicles sold
  9. VW up 23.0% to 28,542 vehicles sold
  10. BMW up 19.6% to 25,247 vehicles sold
  11. MB up 5.1% to 19,157 vehicles sold
  12. Mazda up 33.3% to 20,638 vehicles sold
  13. Audi up 7.5% to 10,018 vehicles sold
My wife loves me: she bought me a ScanGauge.

Last edited by xcel : 05-27-2011 at 01:56 PM.
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Old 05-27-2011, 12:43 PM
WriConsult WriConsult is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Vehicles: '10 Mazda5, Bikes, Metro Transit vehicles
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Posts: 5,717
Re: April 2011 Electric, Hybrid and high FE non-hybrid sales – Gone In Sixty Seconds

The Ford Focus posted sales of 17,265 in April 2011; up 17.9% compared to 14,107 in April 2010. While sales were up in April, they're still down for the year and it's only the 5th best seller in the C segment. The competition is tough.
The competition is indeed tough, but to be fair the new Focus wasn't available until very late in the month. My dealer didn't have any Focuses until about April 22, and they didn't have any MTs for me to drive until the 29th.

My fuel economy page
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Old 05-28-2011, 01:36 PM
xcel's Avatar
xcel xcel is offline
PZEV, there's nothing like it :)
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Re: April 2011 Electric, Hybrid and high FE non-hybrid sales – Gone In Sixty Seconds

Hi Colin:

Thanks for putting this together for all of us. I never heard back from the Cruze PR person and no luck with the VW TDI breakouts either.

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