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Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and how to Hypermile.

Hi Gary:

___I took your advice and split the article up into 3 sections. Because the presentation was live, links would not have worked but in the article, they will. I have to link your FEH article, Tarabell’s HCH-II article, and the P&G article into this one which should be completed later on this evening. I still have a lot of detail to add as time permits over the next few days/weeks.

___Thanks for both the FEH speed data and the critique! It is too bad you could not have made it to HF 2006 given you were mentioned by name more then once in front of a decent sized crowd Maybe next year, right? I only saw one individual sleeping through the second presentation so it must not have been too dull and boring

___Good Luck


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