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Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and how to Hypermile.

Thank you Wayne.

On the subject of winter related FE issues: I am actually all geared up to observe my FE during the summer and upcoming Winter months. Event though, central Canada is not New Mexico, we do get hot months sometimes surpassing 44C (111F). Conversely, in the Winter we get some of the coldest too. At times dipping below -45C(-49F) and lasting for months.

As you can see, we have a potential temperature oscillations that approaches 100C (150F). I am also making an effort not to add any more FE techniques to my portfolio just to reduce the statistical error as a function of time. I should mention that a local Taxi cab company is interested in my results as they are hoping to increase their fleet to include HCH-II's as well. They currently operate an OK number of Prius-II vehicles (78 total) - but the Prius' inital cost/prices are not helping their operational bottom line.

In other words, any data I collect will be available if it is of any value.


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