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Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and how to Hypermile.

Hi HyChi and MSantos:

___All I can add is a sincere thanks to the both of you.

___Believe me, this work came about from a thousand others before me and to name just a few that are/were directly responsible for my hypermile upbringing, consider looking up some of the past work posted by a few of the following individuals who I would like to personally thank for making an article like this as factually and historically relevant as I could possibly make it. Without all of those listed below, an article like this would be just another writeup to be lost into the annals of time. With that, here are my hero’s for pushing tanks day after day, week, after week, month after month, and year after year no matter the weather and traffic conditions.

Rick Reese, Billy, Calpod, Chisight, Rick, Nemystic, Kip Munro, Randall, Justin and Bradlee Fons (all of IC fame), Krousdb, Dave Bassage, Hobbit, Bill G, Wayne Brown, Andy Roberts, and Doug Schaefer (all extraordinary Prius II owner/drivers), Hot Georgia, Lakedude, Laurieaw (all extraordinary HCH-I owner/drivers), Tarabell, GreenandBlue, Kenny, and NASAngineer (all extraordinary HCH-II owner/drivers), GoNavy and Bar10dah (both extraordinary AH drivers), Gary G, Nitramjr, Pravus Prime, Gpsman1, and DebbieKatz (all extraordinary FEH owner/drivers), and a ton of non-hybrid drivers including Brick, Phil, Psy, Diamond Larry, Basjoos, and MetroMPG as well as a million others who post daily in forums such as ours discovering new techniques and or methods to improve upon what some might have thought unbelievable just a week, month, year, or even a decade ago!

___In addition, ongoing results along with future techniques yet to be discovered will be discovered and far surpassed by the likes of Justin Fons (our 17 year old hypermiler out of Milwaukee) and Randall out of Oklahoma as time goes by.

___I still have plenty of editing as I have already seen 3 or 4 issues (mistakes) to take care of as well as adding a bunch of pic sequences and Tony Schaefer’s lmpg graph showing a very clear winter to summer decrease to increase to decrease in FE due to temperatures and conditions alone. It should be an interesting article as both updates and time goes by.

___Good Luck and thank you both.


As an edit, I know I missed a ton of individuals in the list above that I should have posted so please don’t hold this old man to the fire for that oversight

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