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Re: Adapting Basic Hypermiling Techniques to the HCH-II

I use basic, because I'm coming at this with "lynx" on a unix
box and it hands me a bunch of lines to fill in. But unless I
put *something* non-blank or non-space on each line, they get
eliminated in the process of submission or database-entry or
display, I haven't figured out where yet. But this happens
pretty uniformly here and on other similar forum software.
Anyways ... great rundown. I see *so* many concepts in that
article that map almost *directly* over to the Prius, and I'll
bet the high-speed EV is the HCH version of "warp stealth". But
the HCH has the advantage that it can keep the valves closed
*completely* and thus likely create even less engine-drag
friction. All the prius can do is fiddle the valve timing to
minimize net airflow and try to retain heat, but the valves are
still threshin' open and closed in there.
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