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Re: Adapting Basic Hypermiling Techniques to the HCH-II


I don't think there are enough words that I know in the English Language to describe the Article and Effort that you (Tara) and Xcel (Wayne, Editing Article). It is just FANTASTIC and so "Down-to-Earth" for all that own the HCH II. This just gives HCH II owners everything they will ever need (IMO) to Increase their FE if they put out just a little effort.

The pictures are just "Icing" on the cake I think. Words with Pics to complete the story. I hope that there will be many-many owners that will have the opportunity to read this "Most-Complete-Article" on increasing HCH II FE.

I have read all kinds of Articles and I have to say that this is a real Eye Catcher. All the Facts and Pics to go with the Facts. Just simply a {FANTASTIC-JOB}.

Last Comment: "Great Job"


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