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Originally Posted by VietVet'67
Gary - Went out in the garage and checked the tire pressure on my FEH after it had been sitting all night and morning and had 42psi all the way around. I know it has been posted many times about the tire pressure (from 40 to 50psi), is this reading cold (like mine is now) or hot, say after a 2-4 mile ride?
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Phillip the tire pressure needs to be {Adjusted-Cold} and just as a Comment only. If you don't want to worry about how much Air Pressure to put in the tires. You can always put in the (Maximum Sidewall Pressure).

My HCH II calls for I think (without-looking) 42 Lbs. Maximum Sidewall Pressure. I have adjusted it to 50 1/4 Lbs. I like the (No-Flex) ride that it gives you with the Increased Tire Pressure.

So, once again to answer your, Question? COLD


BTW; Off Topic Here, I read all the stories on Viet Nam, interesting:

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