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Re: Hypermiling the Ford Escape Hybrid ...

Hi Terry:

Since EV mode is restricted in the FEH to about a 37mph sustained speed and wind resistance greatly increases over that speed, I take the maximum advantage of the FEH and EV I can. Travel roads under 45mph and your mileage will increase using EV to the Max.

This is a list of things I do:

1. HV Battery management: I always keep the battery less than half available now, unless driving a constant speed over 45mph which its fills after 1.8 miles anyway with the ICE/generator (much less with a few fake shifts which I due to reduce the load on the ICE). The ratio of EV and ICE On is in my opinion, 100-500% better when using the fake shift in L. If I can drive 20% ICE on 80% ICE off in EV, I can maintain better than 60mpg. The range varies with speed and N gliding.

2. Always park the FEH with the lowest posible HV battery. The ICE will always run when first started, so I use this time to increase the SoC. You can get up to speed and glide in neutral while the ICE is running and charging the battery. Great instant MPG readings on the scangauge can be seen during the normally worst time for FE. When in a 35mph speed zone, I increase to 40mph and glide just below 35mph and pulse using 1,800 RPMs (78-82% ICE Load) back to 40mph and repeat. This increases warm up from around 21mpg for 2.5miles to a increased average to 32mpg. At this point, you are ready for EV with a full battery to continue a real increase in your MPG average and a great trip average overall.

3. I accelerate to speed by holding a steady 1,800 RPMs whenever possible. When accelerating in traffic on an ON Ramp to a freeway, the best torque is at 2,200-2,450 RPM. A few fake shifts can increase to a full battery SoC while lowering RPMs and placing the eCVT in an overdrive mode quicker. I try to avoid RPMs over 1,800 and Engine Loads over 90%, but this can be unrealistic in every situation.

4. Shifting to L while decelerating will not give you the high charge that happens when you let off the pedal in L. For some reason, the release of the pedal plays a big part in the serge of charge by regen. Stay in L while in the Pulse mode to take advantage of the fake shift and regen. In the article, I stated three fake shift before the 40mph EV glide. Due to sensor problems with heat, avoid this with just two fake shifts if your having trouble getting ICE off in L. Remember to go to N and tap the brake pedal if this happens to get to EV.

5. Know where your average tank MPG is, and keep it as high as possible on every trip. If you want great MPG, pay attention to your driving at all times. Dont just drive though, operate your vehicle like a fine piece of equipment because that what it is IMO.

6. Avoid oxygenated fuels (alcohol methanol) because they really affect the FEHs Atkinson 5 Cycle ICE at least 10% mpg IMHO.

7. Draft when ever possible. The FEH loves when it is not fighting wind. Use much lower speeds in a headwind if possible. Use a little higher speeds with a strong tailwind (great for high EV speeds of 37-38mph).

8. I know the tire pressure Im at all the time with a gauge and air pump with me in the FEH. At 44psi, I feel Im safe, the tires will wear fine and the mpg is acceptable.

Hope you all can improve your FE with these tips

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