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Re: Hypermiling the Ford Escape Hybrid ...

Thanks Phil:

Greenhybrid has a number of posters I would have to say lead to information in this article. The biggest find was the "Low Gear Advantage" which Nitramjr (Ray Martin) and Pravus Prime (Rich) brought to my attention about low gear or the lack of a low gear. These two were discussing driving at highway speeds in low, and getting better MPG. They brought up the fact of the ICE shutting down under 40mph in "L", something I did not know about. Pravus Prime was raising questions as to if this harmed the FEH and added this to a list of questions to be brought up at the FEH Dearborn Event. When I got the nerve to try driving in "L" at high speeds, I found the benifits and added them to my program of driving in EV as much as posible. This added about 3-4mpg to my averages. Many thanks to both of them for those tips.

The next person who I thank for this article and knowledge to make it easy to maintain even better MPG is xcel (Wayne Gerdes). Xcel came to FEH forum on GH asking me to perform test to nail down the Pulse and Glide (P&G) for the FEH. Xcel was far more advanced for me and most of the new FEH owners on FE. Most of the things he was asking, I knew would lead to a big advancement in FE, and was willing to try. He had ask me if I had or knew someone with a Scan Gauge for some of the test. Now, the Scan Gauge is part of most FEH owners equipment as a result of his original post. As a result of some gliding test he ask me to perform, gliding in "N" has increased mpg and FE in a number of uses in EV and ICE on. All these tricks have lead me from a hard 41mpg Tank in the city average to an easy 46mpg tank. More testing is needed, but I hoping to break >65mpg round trip (RT) real soon as a result in everyones help.

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