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As you can see, Spring Break started for me in an excellent way. (And to think I played golf on Christmas Day and New Year's because it was 60+ degrees...)

While most kids got to go to Florida (Panama, Clearwater, Destin, etc.), my plan for Panama got pigeonholed (misplanned the Spring Break times by a week so suddenly two of us couldn't go, which priced the other two out of going, not to mention only two of us had fakes). So I decided as a plan B, to go up to Philly (where I have some family) for four or five days. And of course, I'd be driving because it takes just as long to fly (I'm on the TSA's no fly list, so it takes me three or four searches plus several hours for me to be able to get on a plane).

And of course, I' be trying to get as many miles to the gallon as possible. :D

Thing is, it's about 600 miles and I'm not a morning person, so I'm under immense pressure to uh...hit the gas if I want to get there in one day.

Throw in the fact that it's 20 degrees out (warming to 30, 45 in Philly though), a ton of frost on the car (which led to 10 minutes of idling as I tried to scrape it all off), and then traffic on 71/75 North through Cincinnati meant that any decent MPG's would be an insurmountable goal. But before long I began to pick it up. :D I drove 65 through Ohio (I'm afraid for my life to do anything less), and then 55-60 through PA, coasting downhill whenever possible. And what do you know, when I get to Breezewood (380 miles) and gas up, I only put seven gallons in there.

7.34 gallons, 382.4 miles, 52.098 MPG. Not only a personal best but also done at insanely high speeds (60-65!) :woot:

I drove the last 200-something miles without having to fill up - I'll have to do it on my return trip though. The remainder of the trip per the Sg was 51.2.

03-20-2008, 07:32 PM
Not bad! My GF and I usually go to Chicago for SB, but my GF (who's from Illinois) and I are in a rough spot so no trip this year. I usually take the train up there though. Point being, you're not the only one who goes to a colder place while everyone else is hitting the beach. You can get just as lit in Chi-town as Fla or Mexico though :p. I hit a personal MPG best over SB myself...though it was in the Mustang so the numbers are not so flattering as yours :D

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