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09-16-2007, 07:47 PM
Hi All:

___Just got back a little bit ago. Last Friday (days) I was informed I would be working Friday night shift and Saturday afternoon shift. Of course I was supposed to be driving the iCDTi back to Detroit with the wife on Friday evening so those plans were shelved. Came home Friday afternoon, packed up and headed back into work. Pulled the night shift (barely :() slept in the Civic during the day, went into afternoon shift until 10:30 PM and then headed out to Detroit. Unfortunately, the plants potable water system was out for the weekend and there were no shower or toilet facilities other then porta-potties. Yucckkkk!!!! After work on Saturday evening, I filled her up w/ some B20, washed my hair in the Shell station’s bathroom sink (another yucckkkk) and raced across IL., IN. and MI. to get to the Amtrak train leaving the Detroit suburb on its way to Chicago by 06:15 AM. She held 3.5L/100 km with a 101 kph average speed in 2 – 7 degrees C temps ;) I hit the suburbs of Detroit over the last 45 minutes and she dropped off to 97 kph although the 3.5 L/100 km still held up. I handed over the vehicle to Ryan of Weber Shandwick and got on the train with a few minutes to spare. Now the Amtrak was held up by (2) freights just to the east of Gary and my connecting suburban train out of Chicago only allowed me a 35 minute window to exit the Amtrak at Union Station, run to Ogilvie station a few blocks up the street and jump on the suburban train to Waukegan, IL. I missed it by 4 minutes :( Ok, I am stuck in Chicago for 2 hours until the next one. Still haven’t showered, eating garbage food and am literally a walking zombie. Finally get on the suburban train toward home, the wife picks me up, I take care of a few things at home including my first shower and shave in 3 days and am again finally back :rolleyes: Until tomorrow when I was invited yet again to pull a day and afternoon shift consecutively :ccry:

___It was supposed to be a nice and short 2 day vacation with my wife at the Henry Ford museum and turned into a nightmare of biblical proportions. Ok, maybe not biblical but an ordeal I would prefer not to relive in this lifetime!

___Good Luck


09-16-2007, 08:40 PM
Death marches are not suppose to happen after hours! :eek:

This sounds like worse than some truckers go thru. :(

Right Lane Cruiser
09-16-2007, 10:28 PM
Oh man, Wayne! I hope you can get some rest soon!!! :(

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