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09-06-2010, 07:48 PM
820 miles in my Scion xB. I took US Hwy 50, the Loneliest Highway in America, so I could hypermile w/o impeding traffic. I probably didn't see 30 cars going my direction the entire length of Hwy 50. MPG wasn't stellar, but beat my lifetime average of 46.1 mpg in the xB. I probably could have done better if I'd done slower, but I had to travel >750 miles the first day to get to my motel before it got too late. and with a 1 hour time zone change. I averaged between 50 and 55 mph.

It's gorgeous here in Bryce Canyon National Park. I'm at 8000' elevation, with free lodging for a month in the park, doing astronomy volunteer work.

09-06-2010, 08:14 PM
thats great ! visit Zion if you can

09-13-2010, 04:26 PM
I drove through Zion the last time I was here, 2 years ago, & saw Desert Bighorn Sheep. Great places. My favorite is the Antelope Slot Canyon Tribal Park on the Navajo Reservation near Page, AZ.

I got to drive the park's 2nd generation Prius on Saturday. Got 63 mpg RT on a drive that gains about 600-700' elevation going into the park (10 miles each way). Mpg midway was 38.7 with 1-2 battery bars left. On the return trip, I brought the battery back to full charge, and the mpg overall to 63+.

10-17-2010, 11:54 PM
I'm not sure if I updated my mpg data on this site, or not. I pulled an amazing 71.9 mpg, 48 mile segment from Bryce Cyn NP to Escalante, UT, and held it to about 55 mpg all the way to Boulder, UT, 75 miles down the road. The return trip is uphill payback time, and my indicated mpg dropped back to ~45.7 mpg for the entire 150 mile round trip. When I filled up, I actually averaged 52.6 mpg for the tank.

We drove the park's Prius to a solar viewing site at Farview Pt., a 20 mile round-trip. I got 58 and 63 (twice) mpg driving it, and the other astronomy volunteer got 56 and 53 mpg with the Prius. Mike drives a hybrid Highlander, so he's more familiar with Toyota's HSD than I am. I drove my xB to Farview Pt a couple of times, and got 50.6 and 53 mpg with it, within ~5% of Mike's mpg in the Prius! One day, I flogged the Prius to Farview Pt. to see how poorly I could get the mpg to register, and still got 53 mpg with it.

On the trip home to California, I logged a 51.2 mpg tank with the xB from Beaver, UT to Fallon, NV. I'm still working on the current tank, which has a 50+ mpg average right now.

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