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10-31-2006, 11:37 AM
Has anyone driven both the SE and XLE? If so, is the ride a lot harsher in the SE, or not noticeably different? I like the look of the SE a lot better. Also, does anyone like the V6 a lot better than the 4, is it worth the extra $2500?

10-31-2006, 12:36 PM
Hi Sbtatter:

___I have driven the XLE w/ the I4 and the TCH w/ and w/out NAVI. Never the V6. No point in giving anyone big $’s for the V6 although it does include a few features the I4 does not. No way would I ever chase a V6 as it not only costs a heck of a lot more for something you will never use but is a gas sucking pig when someone decides to romp on it for no apparent reason. Never driven the SE either so I will hold my comments about that model/version a bit closer to the vest.

___Good Luck


10-31-2006, 04:25 PM
Funny you should ask! Last week I took an '07 Camry SE (4-cyl, auto) on a 600+ mile trip. The SE suspension is definitely tighter and can be pretty solid over rough spots -- meaning it may not be for every driver or family. It does handle very well for a family car, though.

Basically the suspension, 17" rims, the body kit, and some interior details are what the SE gets you.

Regarding the 4 vs. 6: The 2.4L DOHC VVT-i 4-cylinder is the Perfect engine for this car. You can drive it like the average guy and still get the EPA estimates (I averaged 32.1 mpg at speeds up to 80 and some typical city driving thrown-in) -- this is very rare (and confirmed via ScanGuage). It still has power to get moving if necessary -- plenty of torque and a high redline. The V-6 is a complete waste of $$$ IMHO -- although I haven't driven the V6, I just imagine the current model faster, much heavier, and more thirsty.


Tim K
11-01-2006, 10:23 PM
I know one thing.....if you are looking at the V6 XLE you ought to take a look at the Hybrid. My mom was looking for a V6 XLE with Nav, Smart Key and something else. The sticker for the XLE she wanted was $31,300 and NO ONE in our area had any with the Nav. The dealer we went to had just gotten in a Hybrid with the exact same options stickered at $31,100. Granted, she could have gotten the XLE for $2k below sticker and had to pay sticker for the Hybrid. The Hybrid ended up costing her maybe $2000 more, but with a $1300 federal credit and a $500 PA state rebate that difference is gone. The only features that she didn't get with the Camry were irrelevant to her:

Wood trim (she hated it anyway)
Fog lights (she didn't know what they were)
Rear Sunshade
Dual Exhaust (as if she'd notice)
Reclining rear seat

I suppose you could put a dollar value to those features (good luck figuring out the costs!) but if they don't matter to you then it is a pretty good deal overall....

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