View Full Version : E. Texas to S. MO and back

05-04-2009, 09:44 PM
This was an interesting trip, about 1150 miles in my Mustang. At 16,41mpg, the fuel economy overall was well below what I expected (hence my curiosity on the finer points of carburetors over the last week), but what was really interesting was that my lowest AND second highest mileages came in the mountains, and in outside temperatures that are the opposite of what I would have expected:

17,69mpg from Ft. Smith, AR to Hugo, OK, going over the Ouachitas with ambient temps in the 40s, top up

13,79mpg from Hot Springs, AR to Ola, AR, also over the Ouachitas with ambient temps in the 60s and the top down

Best tank was 18,15mpg from Texarkana, TX to Arkadelphia, AR on Interstate 30, top down and with temps in the lower 70s. Surprisingly, the tank with the most in-ton driving (and it was slow, unsteady going, too) was not my worst tank, clocking in at a smidge over 15mpg.

I tried maintaining 60mph where I could on the trip and had no foul weather to speak of, and also was pretty good about using downhills to my advantage. I wish I could account for gas pump variances...

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