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08-17-2006, 04:21 PM
This is a work in progress - check back i a few days for pictures, videos, etc.

Left Lewisville 25 miles NW of Dallas at 6:30am. About halfway between Dallas and Texarkana is the town I was born in - Sulpur Springs. It is a dairy town, but nothing like the dairy country I was ultimately headed for - Madison Wisconsin. At that point I started to draft 18-wheelers less than a car length.

Normally I get about 60mpg cruising at 75mph, but the wind break got my trip mpg to 73.5 after 660 miles. No longer a draft skeptic.

Going to Chicago is more direct from Dallas taking US 75/I44/I55. I decided to take I30/I40/I55. Took a detour to tag Memphis just to say I was there....

Memphis is Not Known for These BBQs (

Just past Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I made my first fillup, then stared to "rush (" to St. Louis. Made it to the Arch at 7pm that first night.

Trip to The Arch (

After spending two hours in St. Louis, drove 3-4 hours on I55 into Illnois. Made it to Waynes' home about 10am the next day, avoiding the worst of rush hour.

Chicago & Sears Tower (

Went to HybridFest in Madison Wisconsin late Friday...

Hybridfest - July 22 2006 COVERERAGE (

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