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08-01-2008, 09:39 AM
Hi All:

___Not for most of course but for those willing, why not? Jesse (former owner of the now totaled 350,000 mile Prius-I :() has a unique way to help both improve per person mpg’s of his friends and family and promote hybrid vehicle ownership. I always wondered how his Prius-I racked up so many miles?

___He loans his vehicle out to those heading out on a vacation or trip while he hangs at home with their vehicle or on the road with his 18-wheeler. Just last week, he loaned his Prius-II to some friends (3 to be exact) that drove up to the North Woods. Although they only pulled 42 mpg for the thousand + mile round trip (75 + mph and A/C use), it was better than the 93 Corolla they were going to drive in at an approximate 25 mpg at those speeds w/ A/C. On a per person basis, they saved a ton of $’s, reduced consumption (not as much as most of us would have liked of course ;)) and (3) friends had the chance to experience the Prius-II on a vacation of a lifetime.

___Do you think they will remember the fishing or the car two years from now when they are telling old fish stories?

___Good Luck


08-01-2008, 06:19 PM
Why do you think I volunteer the Civic for driving duties every chance I get?:)

08-02-2008, 10:58 AM
I had some home repairs done last week ... I volunteered to drive my friend to the store for parts. Scangauge reported 44 mpg round trip in the Vibe which was probably about 3 times the mpg in his V-8 truck. Granted he needs to truck to haul lumber & equipment, but my car was more than adequate for what we needed to buy that day.

08-02-2008, 11:00 AM
what a great way to help! I wouldnt be able to help anyone of course as people driving my car would probably net 19-20mpg in the city :D

I told my mom I would give her a bit of education on hypermiling, her response before I even finished:

"I am not pushing my car!":o

I am a bit of an extreme hypermiler because I am a bit greedy for the increased numbers, so I do things the average driver wouldn't, but of course I wouldn't do those on the clinics, All they need is a 20-30% increase and I'm sure anyone will be sold. Speaking of which, I'll go see if I can show my dad. wish me luck!

08-03-2008, 02:17 AM
I always volunteer to drive when my family (mother and/or sister and/or brothers) all plan on traveling to one destination. My car holds five adults comfortably, with more rear seat legroom than a Lincoln Town Car, and rear seats that slide fore/aft and recline. Loads of cargo room. And when driven "properly", the mpg is consistently in the high 30s average for the trip.

The only downside to the chauffer duties is that I can sometimes end up with passengers, namely my mom, who are diehard Rush fans who feel it is their national duty to burn as much gas as possible. On a long road trip earlier this week, she said, "I'm paying for the gas, so you don't have to drive that hyper way, and you can turn on the air conditioner." Even with a Rush fan on board, I still averaged just under 35mpg, driving at 65mph with the A/C on. I just kept her distracted while using DWL and DWB to make the best of the situation. The silver lining was that I had four people on board, so the passenger MPG was rather good.

So my best way to save fuel for somebody else is to drive them in my car. :D

08-03-2008, 05:53 AM
So my best way to save fuel for somebody else is to drive them in my car. :D
That's kind of how I look at it too; they save money and I save too.;) I end up going some places that aren't exactly my definition of a fun place to be but, it solves the problem of somebody else driving my car and trashing the mileage. The only person(in my family;)) I would feel good about driving my car is my son(CobraPond).

08-03-2008, 11:38 AM
who are diehard Rush fans who feel it is their national duty to burn as much gas as possible
no offence but is there even a term for how @#$% stupid one has to be to not only agree with this thinking but to expect someone else to think it is the right thing to do.don't they realize rush must have big money in oil stocks

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