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06-26-2006, 01:18 PM
Hi All:

___My father is interested in picking up a classic from a bygone era and found a 34’ Buick Coupe listed at $35K up for auction on E-Bay. Reserve protected of course … The car is in my home town and I posted the pics of the beauty below.

___Anyone know of a good way to price something like this Classic Car out? The Interior seat fabric and door panels are not original and the ICE could use a rebuild from an aesthetic point of view (to clean her up as it runs fine). The Odometer shows 29K miles but actual miles are unknown … The cars description is as follows:
Model 56S, 119" wheelbase, one of only 1150 built, rumbleseat, dual sidemounts with metal covers, trunk rack, artillery wheels with trim rings and Buick hub caps, wide-white-wall tires, High/Low octane selector, clock, front and rear bumper guards, two-tone brown/brown drab with light gray broadcloth interior, 8 cylinder 235ci engine with 3-speed transmission, odometer reading: 29,345 (actual miles unknown), VIN 2715794, Engine #: 2875216.
___Thanks in advance.

34’ Buick Coupe

34’ Buick Coupe – Dash

34’ Buick Coupe – Engine Bay

34’ Buick Coupe – Interior

___Thanks in advance.


06-26-2006, 03:04 PM
Wayne - you might try Hemmings - it's a popular source for people in the classic cars biz.
As an aside, I placed an ad with Hemmings' and a couple other places for a friend last month who had a '67 Mustang - car had been sitting on consignment at a local shop for months, but three weeks after the ads that I wrote for her went up, she sold the car for a good price.

I took the liberty of searching for '34 Buick', and got the following result:

When I refined it to '1934 Buick', I only saw the one 56S coupe - probably the very one you're looking at. I'm not a professional appraiser, but just in the little bit of info I saw on similar Buicks, and knowing the condition you describe this one in, it might be priced as much as $10K high. From what I see, people running these cars often price the cars a bit high, expecting a counteroffer. Just like buying a new one :p

Another place you might try locally is the Volo museum - they could put you in touch with a person / organization who might know something about the car. I don't know if you read the Tribune often, but Jim Mateja often uses them in his articles about classic / collectible cars, for those looking to get their hands on a piece of yesteryear.

06-26-2006, 06:03 PM
Hi Mark:

___My father placed a bid in at $21K which scared me a bit but at least he is in the ball park. I sent him a link to this thread, he saw your post, and will become a much more informed purchaser with what you have given. Thank you for the knowledge based “insight” as it will definitely be heeded in his case.

___Good Luck and thank you for the quick reply!

PS: Be on the lookout for a write up with your involvement in the not to distant future …


09-01-2011, 09:06 AM
I'd like to find out if the member who posted this 2006 forum question can contact me? Apparently this 1934 Buick 2 door sport coupe located in Nashville TN is again for sale here in Sept. 2011, and I'd like to talk with anyone, including the member who posted information to email me at

09-20-2011, 05:24 PM
Hi Hdhntr:

You are speaking with him :)


12-26-2011, 05:50 PM
VMR Intl., is a steady source for pricing as well, even though they do tend to lowball a bit (which is good for you, the buyer :D )

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