View Full Version : What a trip *phew*...2800 thoroughly unplanned miles

06-05-2008, 09:06 PM
So, My Dad took part in one of Memorial Day's biggest events that no longer gets much attention: Rolling Thunder. In short, it's an organization for and by US Military Veterans whose aim is to bring home the astounding number of missing or killed soldiers that we tragically left abroad as well as to organize charity events to aid current vets.

The ride itself is a motorcycle ride that leaves California and goes across the nation, ending up in DC on Memorial Day. My Dad picked up the group here in Texas and rode there, and just as he was pulling into the hotel parking lot, BLAMMO! Someone in front stops, and my Dad has to dump his bike. The bike came out nearly unscathed; his right ankle, not so much - broken in two places. So, into rescue mode my Mom and I go. I got some emergency time off from work, and my Mom and I drove the ~1350 miles there straight through in ~25 hours, taking I-20 from here in Texas east through LA, MS, AL, and to Atlanta where we picked up I-95 through SC, NC, VA, and finally DC. We took the same route back.

On the way there, we averaged about 16.3mpg in my Dad's Mega Cab Ram; on the way back with the bike in the bed of the truck and right in the path of some of the air coming over the cab, we struggled to get 15. Speed was more important to us than economy too, so he could get to see a local orthopedist before it started to mend. But, we did get to see some of the most gorgeous country around. I'd never been to any of these states before save for LA, and was mighty impressed by all of them, and the nickel tour of DC was amazing if all too short too. I have a long list of places to visit now...

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