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08-08-2009, 09:40 PM Some great tech being funded... And some not so great companies as well :( ( Gerdes - CleanMPG ( - Aug. 8, 2009

Almost the entire Volt program is being bought and paid with by your tax $’s...

President Obama announced $2.4 Billion in Grants to Accelerate the Manufacturing and Deployment of the Next Generation of U.S. Batteries and Electric Wednesday. The DOE list of winners went to five groups, Advanced Battery Manufacturing, Advanced Battery Recycling, Electric Drive Manufacturing, Vehicle Electrification and BEV education programs. Of the five. Manufacturers of Advanced batteries, their components and recycling received $1.5 Billion. Manufacturers of Electric Drivetrain components received $500 million with PHEV/BEV deployment and evaluation, electric charging infrastructure and EV-related education and training receiving the final $400 million.

The grant program had 48 lucky winners with the largest corporations (read GM) taking a much larger share than smaller ventures for the most part. Battery start-up A123 Systems was one of the most fortunate and will be receiving the second largest single grant of $249 million for the development and production of their advanced nano-iron phosphate Li-Ion chemistry and battery pack systems.

Another surprise was Johnson Controls. Was it bailed out under the guide of the Recovery act with a $300 Million Grant?

Here is the DOE list in its entirety with even more details found in the DOE Electric Drive ( grant program:

Recovery Act awards for BEV battery and component manufacturing

Category|Applicant|DOE Award (Dollars in Millions)|Project Location(s)|Technology
Cell, Battery, and Materials Manufacturing Facilities||||
|Johnson Controls|$299.2|Holland, MI and Lebanon, OR|(Entek) Production of nickel-cobalt-metal battery cells and packs, as well as production of battery separators (by partner Entek) for hybrid and electric vehicles.

|A123 Systems|$249.1|Romulus, MI and Brownstown, MI|Manufacturing of nano-iron phosphate cathode powder and electrode coatings; fabrication of battery cells and modules; and assembly of complete battery pack systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

|KD ABG MI, LLC (Dow Kokam)|$161|Midland, MI|Production of manganese oxide cathode / graphite lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

|Compact Power (on behalf of LG Chem, Ltd.)|$151.4|St. Clair, Pontiac and Holland, MI|Production of lithium-ion polymer battery cells for the GM Volt using a manganese-based cathode material and a proprietary separator.

|EnerDel|$118.5|Indianapolis, IN|Production of lithium-ion cells and packs for hybrid and electric vehicles. Primary lithium chemistries include: manganese spinel cathode and lithium titanate anode for high power applications, as well as manganese spinel cathode and amorphous carbon for high energy applications.

|GM|$105.9|Brownstown, MI|Production of high-volume battery packs for the GM Volt. Cells will be from LG Chem, Ltd. and other cell providers to be named.

|Saft America|$95.5|Jacksonville, FL|Production of lithium-ion cells, modules, and battery packs for industrial and agricultural vehicles and defense application markets. Primary lithium chemistries include nickel-cobalt-metal and iron phosphate.

|Exide Technologies w/ Axion Power|$34.3|Bristol, TN and Columbus, GA|Production of advanced lead-acid batteries, using lead-carbon electrodes for micro and mild hybrid applications.

|East Penn|$32.5|Lyon Station, PA|Production of the UltraBattery (lead-acid battery with a carbon supercapacitor combination) for micro and mild hybrid applications.

Advanced Battery Supplier Manufacturing Facilities||||
|Celgard, LLC|$49.2|Charlotte, NC and Aiken, SC|Production of polymer separator material for Li-Ion batteries.

|Toda America|$35|Goose Creek, SC|Production of nickel-cobalt-metal cathode material for Li-Ion batteries.

|Chemetall Foote|$28.4|Silver Peak, NV and Kings Mtn., NC|Production of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

|Honeywell|$27.3|Buffalo, NY and Metropolis, IL|Production of electrolyte salt (lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6)) for Li-Ion batteries.

|BASF Catalyst|$24.6|Elyria, OH|Production of nickel-cobalt-metal cathode material for Li-Ion batteries.

|EnerG2|$21|Albany, OR|Production of high energy density nano-carbon for ultracapacitors.

|Novolyte|$20.6|Zachary, LA|Production of electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries.

|FutureFuel|$12.6 Batesville, AR|Production of high-temperature graphitized precursor anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

|Pyrotek|$11.3|Sanborn, NY|Production of carbon powder anode material for Li-Ion batteries.

|H&T Waterbury|$5|Waterbury, CT|Manufacturing of precision aluminum casings for cylindrical cells.

Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Facilities||||

|TOXCO|$9.5|Lancaster, OH|Hydrothermal recycling of Li-Ion batteries.

Electric Drive Component Manufacturing Facilities||||

|GM|$105|White Marsh, MD and Wixom, MI|Construction of U.S. manufacturing capabilities to produce the second-generation GM global rear-wheel electric drive system.

|Delphi Automotive|$89.3|Kokomo, IN|Expansion of manufacturing for existing electric drive power electronics components for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

|Allison Transmission|$62.8|Indianapolis, IN|Increasing U.S. capacity to manufacture hybrid systems for the commercial truck market.

|Ford|$62.7|Sterling Heights, MI|Producing a Ford electric drive transaxle with integrated power electronics in an existing Ford transmission facility.

|Remy|$60.2|Anderson, Morristown, Greenfield or Indianapolis, IN and Fargo, ND|Establishing a standardized platform of hybrid electric motors and controls.

|UQM|$45.1|Frederick, CO|Expanding established propulsion systems into a volume manufacturing environment.

|Magna E-Car|$40|Muncie, IN and Holly, MI|Increasing production capacity of advanced automotive electric drive system component manufacturing plants located in the U.S.

Electric Drive Subcomponent Manufacturing Facilities||||

|KEMET|Simpsonville, SC|Production of DC bus capacitors including soft wound film and stacked film capacitors necessary for electric drive system power electronics.

|SBE|$9.1|Barre, VT|Outfitting of a high-volume manufacturing facility to build DC Bus Capacitors for the electric drive vehicle industry.

|Powerex|8.1|Youngwood, PA|Creating an electric drive semiconductor development, qualification, and production center.

Advanced Vehicle Electrification||||
|Electric Transportation Engineering|$99.8|Phoenix, AZ and Northern California|ETEC and its partner Nissan will demonstrate up to 5,000 Nissan electric vehicles with a 100 mile range and deploy up to 12,500 Level 2 and 250 Level 3 chargers.

|Chrysler|$70|Warren, MI|Develop, validate, and deploy 220 advanced plug-in hybrid electric pickups and minivans.

|South Coast Air Quality Management District|$45.4|Diamond Bar, CA, Galesburg, MI and Elizabethtown, KY|Develop a fully integrated, production plug-in hybrid system for Class 2 – 5 vehicles (8,501 – 19,500 lbs gross vehicle weight). Demonstrate a fleet of 378 trucks and shuttle buses.

|Navistar|$39.2|Elkhart County, IN|Develop, validate, and deploy 400 advanced battery electric delivery trucks (12,100 lbs. gross vehicle weight) with a 100 mile range.

Transportation Sector Electrification||||

|Cascade Sierra|$22.2|Coburg, OR|Deployment of truck stop electrification infrastructure at 50 sites along major U.S. Interstate corridors and provide 5,450 rebates for truck modification to idle reduction technologies.

Advanced Vehicle Electrification + Transportation Sector Electrification||||

|GM|$30.5|Michigan|Develop, analyze, and demonstrate hundreds of Chevrolet Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs) -- 125 Volt PHEVs for electric utilities and 500 Volt PHEVs to consumers.

|Ford|$30|Michigan and Kansas City, MO|Accelerate the launch and commercialization of PHEVs and EVs by partnering with 15 of America's leading utilities. Deploy up to 150 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including 130 Ford Escape PHEVs and 20 Ford E450 Van PHEVs.

|Smith Electric|$10|Kansas City, MO|Develop and deploy up to 100 electric vehicles, such as “Ampere” (Ford Transit Connect EV), “Faraday” (Ford F150 EV conversions), Step Vans, and “Newton” medium-duty trucks.

Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program||||

|West Virginia University|$6.9|Morgantown, WV and State of South Carolina|Various Educational programs

|Purdue University|$6.1|Sate of IN.|Various Educational programs

|Colorado State University|$5|State of Colorado and Georgia|Various Educational programs

|Missouri University|$5|Rolla, MO|Various Educational programs

|Wayne State University|$5|Detroit and Warren, MI|Various Educational programs

|Michigan Tech|$2.98|Houghton, MI|Various Educational programs

|University of Michigan|$2.5|Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dearboirn and Flint, MI|Various Educational programs

|J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College|$0.72|Virginia|Various Educational programs

|City College of San Francisco|$0.5|San Francisco , CA|Various Educational programs

08-08-2009, 11:26 PM
Let me guess, just like Cash for Clunker all this money is a wash because things made from this welfare will get taxed. :flag:

08-09-2009, 12:24 AM
Hi WW:

___Nope. In this case, its pure money flushed down the toilet... Well for you and I that is. The manufacturers will be able to do some more testing and such.

___I mean $250 million to A123Systems? DeWalt might be very happy with them at this point but as far as $300 to $500/kWh packs, where are they so we can drive affordable PHEV's and BEVs?

___JCI? I have seen their Li-Ion’s and have great respect for the team in WI but $300 Million $’s? $300 Million $’s is what the majors spend to launch an entirely new model car and here we are talking about just the batteries which have much of their R&D behind them???

___Good Luck


08-09-2009, 02:17 AM
We agree on that.

Most of the companies will have no idea what to do with such sums of money.

But in these recessive times flood it with borrowed cash. :rolleyes:

08-09-2009, 10:25 AM
Hi WW:

___JCI? I have seen their Li-Ionís and have great respect for the team in WI but $300 Million $ís? $300 Million $ís is what the majors spend to launch an entirely new model car and here we are talking about just the batteries which have much of their R&D behind them???

___Good Luck


The way I understand the press release grant summary, the JCI/Entek grant is largely to establish the two companies' production plants. A sweetheart deal for them no doubt, but not out of line with what auto companies receive to set up new plants Link (

08-09-2009, 03:32 PM
I didn't see EV Innovations on that list. I guess they are not considered sustainable.

Where is Tesla? - Dale

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