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    Hi All:

    ___Although just a fluke of nature, if anyone has looked at the home page tonight and considered the lineup of vehicles, it’s like the who’s who of the automobile world with continental bias’. Sort of anyway ;)
    • Ford Focus – Highest FE domestic manufacturer vehicle other than the FEH.
    • Prius-II – Highest FE vehicle in the US today.
    • VW Golf TDI-Hybrid Concept – Highest FE 4-door sedan in the very near future. Other than the upcoming PHEV’s of course!
    • Honda’s Clarity FCV – If you consider a true alternative fuel, you may as well drive the best available :D
    • Aptera – Anybody need an explanation about that one :)
    ___Maybe I do have to much time on my hands but I like it :rolleyes:

    ___Good Luck

  2. JusBringIt

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    I like that, very nice list. Hopefully in my career I get something up there :D

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