Diesel: The truck stops here

Discussion in 'Commerical Transportation' started by xcel, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Because imagine adding on that $0.01 every time something gets shipped. For example, a gallon of milk weighs ~8-8.5 lb. That's an extra $0.08 everytime it gets trucked. Farm to Dairy to Central distribution to store. That's an extra $0.24 added to every gallon of milk people buy. Out by me, that's equivalent to a 6-8% price hike. Same with canned goods, juices, gasoline, anything that that moves by truck. The 10lb ham would cost an extra $0.30 or more. Meat on average would jump 10-20%.

    People can't afford it. Truckers can't demand it because 1) somebody's always willing to forgo the extra penny so they can get paid and eat next week 2) If they stopped trucking or started charging more than people could afford they'd be the villains in a PR battle.

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