BMW's 118d named 2008 World Green Car of the Year

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    Automotive Journalists from around the world recognize the BMW's 118d diesel hybrid as the Worlds Best with consideration for its low emissions, fuel consumption and advanced powertrain.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Mar. 20, 2008

    The 2008 BMW 118d is a two or four-door hatchback powered by a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine that is not available in the US. Included with the BMW EfficientDynamics 118d is Auto Start-Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration (iGR) and Intelligent Alternator Control (IAC), Electric Power Steering (EPS) with Servotronic and Optimum shift indicator.

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ - The selection committee for the 2008 World Car of the Year Awards announced today that the European BMW 118d Advanced Turbo-Diesel-Hybrid was named as the 2008 World Green Car of the Year.

    "We are honored to receive the 2008 World Green Car Award for the BMW 118d," said Mr. Purves. "As a company we have been committed to reducing fuel consumption and emissions of our vehicles, while at the same time improving performance. This commitment is the driving force of our Efficient Dynamics platform and the philosophy behind BMW's vehicle designs and development of technologies such as the Advanced Diesel implemented in the 118d. This honor will inspire BMW's continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint."

    The jury of world renowned automotive journalists selected the BMW 118d as top choice from a list of three finalists that included the Smart ForTwo CDI and Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI. To be eligible for the 2008 World Green Car award, vehicles had to be available in at least one major market during 2007. The vehicle or the green technology could be in production or an experimental prototype with potential near-future application, provided that it was released for individual or press fleet evaluations in quantities of ten or more during 2007. Tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption and use of a major advanced power plant technology (beyond engine componentry), aimed specifically at increasing the vehicle's environmental responsibility, were all taken into consideration.

    BMW 118d - Specifications

    *Fuel Consumption (mpgUS)
    CO2 emissions119g/km

    Aero Drag (Cd).30
    Top speed (mph)130 mph
    Acceleration 0-62 mph (sec)9.0

    * NEDC (New European Driving Cycle)

    Standard advanced safety technology

    • Airbags - for Driver and Passenger, front and side
    • Airbags – Side Curtain airbags front and rear
    • Alarm system with remote control
    • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    • Automatic Stability Control (ASC + T)
    • Brake Force Display - brake light intensity geared to brake force (two stages)
    • Central locking switch in center of dashboard
    • Child locking system, rear doors
    • Cornering Brake Control (CBC)
    • Crash sensor activating central locking release, hazard warning lights, fuel cut-off and interior lighting
    • Deformation zones front and rear, door reinforcements and bumpers that regenerate to their original shape in impacts up to 2.5 mph
    • Dynamic Brake Control (DBC)
    • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
    • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)
    • Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
    • Electronic immobilizer
    • First Aid kit and warning triangle
    • Foglights, front
    • Lights on warning
    • Mechanical lock-out for prevention of petrol refueling in diesel cars
    • Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
    • Passenger seat occupancy sensor, front
    • Run-flat tires with Tire Puncture Warning System (TPWS)
    • Seat belts - inertia reel at the front with pyrotechnic belt latch tensioner, belt force limiter and belt restrainer
    • Seat belts - Rear seat belt system with three three-point seat belts
    • Seat belts - three with inertia reel, rear (two when four seat configuration is specified)
    • Side impact protection
    • Windscreen washer jets, heated
    • Windscreen wipers with adjustable intermittent intervals
    The awards are administered by a non-profit association, under the guidance of a Steering Committee of pre-eminent automotive journalists from Asia, Europe, and North America. There is no affiliation with, nor are the awards in any way influenced by any publication, auto show, automaker, or other commercial enterprise.
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    Seems like a nice little car. I was disappointed at the mileage until I realized it wasn't a hybrid. Why would it be considered a hybrid? To me that means 2 different power sources. This is a nice efficient diesel - nothing more. It has efficiency additions that should be on most cars soon - BMW has done a good job here but this is not a hybrid.
  3. PaleMelanesian

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    Ok, that's two "World Car of the Year"s that are not available here in the US.:confused::mad: Come on... Please!
  4. xcel

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    Hi 300TTto545:

    ___Read the cars details again and you will see it includes both Start/Stop and Regenerative braking. It uses a large cap 12V AGM as the power source rather than a large NiMH pack however. This is not an ordinary diesel by any stretch.

    ___Andrew, the only way I can think of to get these vehicles here into the US is to embarrass the manufacturers to bring them over. BMW has the 335d with the 3.0L V6 diesel slated for this fall but where is the real fuel saver in the form of the 2.0? Better yet, where is anything from the Big 2.5 as this thing has almost double the FE with even better performance of anything Ford, GM or Chrysler is currently selling here in the US :angry: And it’s a semi-lux ride on top of that :rolleyes:

    ___Good Luck

  5. mulad

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    Yeah, it's not a hybrid. It's just disengaging the alternator most of the time, then engaging it to recharge the accessory/starter battery periodically (usually under braking). This is basically energy that would have been captured by the alternator normally, but this car is being more careful about when it's captured.

    Their system also turns off the engine at stops and restarts it when you want to go. I don't think it provides any motive power, but if it did, it'd be as much a hybrid as General Motors' belt-alternator-starter system.

    I'm a little surprised this award went to the 118d versus the Mini Cooper D, since the Mini has the same features these days yet gets better economy (if memory serves).
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  6. 300TTto545

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    Wayne - I read the details. It is not a hybrid. A few energy saving things that should be on all cars but a hybrid means 2 power sources for moving car. This car does not have that. A small diesel hybrid should get 70-80 mpg if made for efficiency.
  7. xcel

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    Hi 300TTto545:

    ___BAS says it supply’s some propulsion but it doesn’t even come close. BAS equipped GM rides are mild hybrids as is the 118d.

    ___Good Luck

  8. 300TTto545

    300TTto545 Well-Known Member

    I can't find anything to suggest propulsion in any article on the 118d. The system reduces parasitic alternator loses by charging on braking only. Good idea but no propulsion - from what I can tell.
  9. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi 300TT545:

    ___We can debate what a hybrid is or isn’t but you can take that up with GM, SMART or Daimler.

    ___The 118d includes both start/stop with regenerative braking. GM’s mild hybrid solution in the now defunct Silverado used a similar setup.

    "The hybrid pickups achieve extra fuel savings because they automatically stop and restart the engine under different operating circumstances. Instead of a conventional starter motor and alternator, the hybrid pickups use a compact 14-kW electric induction motor or starter generator integrated in a patented, space-efficient manner between the engine and transmission. The starter generator provides fast, quiet starting power and allows automatic engine stops/starts to conserve fuel. It also smoothes out any driveline surges and generates electrical current to charge the batteries."

    ___Would you like more info about the Smart ForTwo MHD or the MB mild hybrid’s about to be launched in Europe?

    ___Good Luck

  10. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    I'm not getting in the middle of this discussion... ;-) Just providing more
    data and some commentary.

    more info:

    The entire line (116i 118i 120i 130i 118d 120d 123d) appears to utilize the
    regenerative braking. That's a good thing. True, it appears to only provide
    energy to replace the alternator function. Frequent engine starts/stops in
    traffic would draw a lot of energy from ordinary alternator/battery accessory
    belt systems. So it's a win. By not providing propulsion as well, this feature
    comes at the cost of a much smaller generator. I don't know if it is a motor
    and generator or only generator. I don't see the need for the motor
    capability. Obviously, the ICE has sufficient efficiency and power to pull from
    a stop.

    Depending on the implementation of the regenerative braking and location of
    the generator, this may be a more efficient setup than GM's BAS, with similar
    or lower cost.

    Wayne said: "...Instead of a conventional starter motor and alternator, the
    hybrid pickups use a compact 14-kW electric induction motor or starter generator
    integrated in a patented, space-efficient manner between the engine and

    Doesn't that sound a bit like Honda's IMA? 14 kW is pretty sizable, so that can
    easily provide propulsive assistance from its in-line location.

  11. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Bill:

    ___On the Silverado, the large MGSet was used to power accesory 120V outlets in the back of the P/U box as well.


    ___Good Luck

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  12. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the info. Great feature for a work truck. I looked it up for more
    detail. 2400W (by one link) is pretty decent. Costly power but convenient.

    Sorry I got off-topic... I wonder what kind of battery the BMW uses? I haven't
    been able to find that info. Ultracapacitors would be ideal for the high power/
    lower total capacity, though I suppose good old lead-acid should work okay.

  13. toastblows

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    ......must move to in land of SUV retards :flag:
  14. 300TTto545

    300TTto545 Well-Known Member

    Wayne - we will agree to disagree. It does appear that the Silverado has a little push so I think you could call it a mild hybrid. Does the BMW have this - no. It doesn't really matter but you do dilute the meaning of the word. People think - oh its a hybrid - must be efficient. In the BMW - it is efficient - because it is a small diesel with some smart add ons.

    BTW - BMW doesn't call it a hybrid so shouldn't that mean something????? (source - BMW UK website - no mention of the word)
  15. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi 300TTto545:

    ___No dilution needed since the Silverado Mild Hybrid system offered no propulsion of any kind. The original Silverado Hybrid was considered mild because it used what was basically a super-sized alternator to power the truck’s electrical systems at full stop while the V8 hibernated to save fuel. The engine started back up as soon as the driver’s foot lifted off the brakes. This tag-team approach gained about 1.5 mpg in FE over the conventional Silverado with the 5.3L V-8 Engine.
    A slightly different version of this system is used in GM's current Saturn VUE GL, Malibu and Aura. The BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) not only stands in for the gas engine at stops but also provides a supplemental boost during acceleration, making it a true parallel hybrid because both the engine and electric motor work at the same time to power the vehicle.

    ___Even the std. BAS system used in the Aura, Malibu and GL VUE offers basically nothing in terms of propulsion and the first time you drive one, you will find the same. GM pulled that one out so as to say it was a “real” parallel hybrid and that was it. This approach adds about 2 mpg in FE over the conventional powered versions. What is not mentioned however is the lower RRc tires, more aerodynamic body treatments and weight reductions on the rest of the vehicle to make up for the inclusion of the BAS system. IIRC, even the gear ratios were changed but I would have to look that up to make sure?

    ___Here is Daimler’s Smart ForTwo w/ MHD (Micro-hybrid drive)
    ___If you would like to split hairs, go talk with Daimler and GM as mentioned earlier.

    ___Bill, the 118d’s pack is a simple AGM based Pb-Acid. I have never seen the voltage but the reps I spoke with last year said it included a larger capacity battery (note they did not say Voltage but hinted at something bigger).

    ___Good Luck

  16. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Thanks for the info on the battery type, Wayne.

    I had always thought AGM batteries were not good for cold cranking
    amps or high regen currents. And yet, it works. Learned something


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