New York's David Paterson: First Openly Peak Oil Aware Governor

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Chuck, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Chuck

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    Legally blind, yet sees Peak Oil is a problem.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]The Oil Drum - Mar 14, 2008

    Eliot Spitzer's historic fall from grace was a blow to many progressives who believed that he would reform New York's dysfunctional state government, but his replacement may be equally transformative, but from a Peak Oil perspective.

    David Paterson will be the nation's first legally blind Governor and only the fourth African American governor (New York's first)since Reconstruction ended. As I wrote back in 2006, Lieutenant Governor David Paterson is not only peak oil aware, but willing to make public speeches about it and fairly eloquent on explaining peak oil to ordinary folks.

    He also has a 20+ year history with the state legislature, holding the minority leader post for the Democrats in the State Senate. News coverage has brought to light the high level of respect he gets from both Republicans and Democrats, many noting his soft touch and collegiality as very different from Spitzer's "I'm an effing Steamroller" approach to getting his way… [rm][/rm]
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    New York may have lucked out with this new guy. Spitzer was doing poorly as governor, partly due to his bulldog over-aggressive nature, and of course his hypocrisy. He loved to antagonize people, had many enemies, and very few friends.

    Paterson looks like an excellent man to take over, and I wish him well.

  3. Chuck

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    Can't resist: This Govenor is not in bed with Big Oil. :D
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    With Paterson, New York (and the country as a whole) has a leader with a positive outlook, a realistic view of declining oil reserves and the consequences, and a plan. We are fortunate.

    Hmmm. Have I been mislead - again? With the story that came out this morning (3/18/2004) regarding Mr. and Mrs. Paterson's marital problems of a few years ago, I hope this is not an indication of a future Spitzer-like incident. The American people have had just about all of the disillusionment that it can stand.
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  5. Jimmy

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    You are baaaddd! It took a second read before I realized what you were really saying. LOL:)

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