Worst Case Hybrid Scenerio: Battery Failure

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by Chuck, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    At 93,693 miles, the engine check light and the IMA light appreared. The autostop would not activate. Battery indicated full charge, but the Assist/Charge bar was out. Car drove normally and even seemed to have less of a performance drop off then when it recals (that has no occurred in about three months).

    Got 80mpg on my 25-mile work commute this morning without an IMA. Lute Riley in Richardson took several hours and $250 to find out:

    IMA battery - out
    MCM - out
    BCM - out
    Codes: 1644 and 1600

    The estimate cost for parts and labor was $6,400. Warranty for the 2000 Insight was 80,000. After discussions with the Service Manager, a deal was made that Honda would pay for all but $450 and my rental car.

    Hopefully the batteries and unit will be superior to the OEM.

    Heard horror stories of waiting 1-2 months for a battery pack, so a 9-day turnaround is not bad. :)

    I was driving a KIA Rio with an automatic for a rental. Did not get a chance to fill it up, but I went 131 miles on the last fillup and used as much as four gallons - nearly 33mpg. That's the EPA combined estimate.

    It will be awhile to determine if there is any change in performance, but it appears unchanged.

    I paid $449 for the repair - Honda covered the remaining $6,000. I paid $343 for the rental.

    My resolutions is to never let the 12-volt battery go dead (last time the hybrid battery pack went dead trying to save it). Also, don't plan to use the Assist for longer than 30 seconds - i.e. moderate use.
  2. tbaleno

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    Read my Ouch thread in the general forum. I am now in a loaner for a few weeks ;( A nice luxurious Nisan Sentra. Bleh. It smells like cigarett smoke, paint is pealing off the car. It is horrable.
  3. Katz6768

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    I don't know what the MCM and BCM are (control modules I imaging). But how can they all fail at once ?

    Are there ways of preventing this ?

    If you had decided not to repair the car, could you still keep driving it and maybe remove some of the EV related hardware ?
  4. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Yes, the MCM and BCM help manage the IMA battery pack. Their software is supposed to be improved from 2000 - the first year. Optimistic the battery will last considerably longer.

    I will never let the 12-volt battery go completely dead, as it caused the IMA battery pack to also go totally dead. The software now might prevent that....

    Honda claims I could not drive the Insight without the IMA, but I was doing 80mpg on the way to the dealer, albeit less acceleration. I think they were just in a legal CYA mode.
  5. tigerhonaker

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    Sounds like to me that Honda came through this like the (True-Champion) that they are. :D

    Nice to here that your Insight is back to Full Steam ahead.

    Off Topic here for a monment;
    Now you know where I have
    been spending my time.:)
    I have not Even Forgot.:eek:
  6. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Yes, I miss you and Vinni at the pet forum.

    Vinni has had a few things going on and look forward to seeing her their again.
  7. tigerhonaker

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    Just wanted you to Know.:D

  8. xcel

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    Hi Delta_Flyer:

    ___Honda sure likes to keep the Pack replacements quiet … I am glad they replaced the BCM, MCM, and Pack for a song. I thought they would have replaced the Inverter/Converter as that seemed to be on the list of most Insight Pack replacements in the past?

    ___Either way, you have a brand new Insight for all intents and purposes and its time to place the hypermiling approach to pack longevity at the forefront. Don’t forget to keep those windows cracked in the Mid-day Dallas sun this spring, summer, and fall …

    ___And let us know if you notice any changes? The IC guys say the new packs and controllers are more assist happy then the originals. I am not pleased by this result if in fact it’s true but I am sure Honda is protecting the pack to a much greater degree today then they did with the Insight’s original release.

    ___Good Luck

  9. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger


    The only thing different so far is it's harder to get the last two bars up to the "full charge" mode. It's going to be awhile before I see what a recal is like...

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