Mahindra Appalachian-Never heard of it?

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by andy, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. andy

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    Well, the Sprinter made it (20+mpg, big box, similiar payload). Hopefully the Appalachian. Quite a commitment to get an emissions compliant diesel here. Sounds like they're hoping for the business market. Wonder how Mahindras stand up to 70 mph thrashings by couriers and auto parts drivers?
  3. Vooch

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    I just spent a month in India for work - there are loads of US Brand SUV's with small engines and diesels running around.

    It is simply mind boggling that GM markets perfectly good high MPG SUV's in India but not in the USA.
  4. rweatherford

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    I've heard of Mihindra tractors, does that count? ;)
  5. invaliddata

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    I can understand why gm and ford don't bring their foreign market diesels here. I honestly doubt that the vast majority of us consumers will pay a several thousand dollar premium for a diesel engine when 1) the overwhelming perception of diesels is still slow, smoky and unrefined, 2) diesel fuel is more expensive than even premium gas and 3) diesel fuel is hard to find. There is little any car company can do about these factors except #1, and the europeans, who have a lot to gain by it, haven't been too successful at doing so.

    As for the indians, I'm sceptical that they can make a vehicle that meets us mass market expectations. I do welcome them here as more competition benefits us consumers.
  6. shifty35

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    America is the only place where diesels have a several thousand dollar premium - in Europe they are pretty similar due to tax breaks and such to encourage buying them. As such something like 50% of passenger vehicles in Europe are diesel, I've read?

    Diesels will get here, it will just take time for people to buy them and accept them. I'll be close to the front of the line. :)

    On a humorous note, I believe diesels are technically illegal for a lot of uses in India due to how bad the pollution is. Not really enforced, obviously. :D

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