2006 Chicago Auto Show/Record Number of Hybrids

Discussion in 'General' started by tigerhonaker, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hi Tiger:

    ___Yep! And we looked over each and every one of them with our own brand of detective work :D I really have to post an article about the show as there was some very very interesting information that came out of it for all of us. Just a hint … That 25% you have heard about WRT the GM Dual Mode’s is going to be low by my back of the napkin analysis. Think Atkinson intake, DOD, multiple Fuel Cut modes, (2) 60kW MGSet’s cooled internal to the tranny via possibly tranny fluid, and all in a full blown, no compromises serial/parallel hybrid capable solution? I think they have all comers beat if they take the Dual Mode to its logical conclusion. Whether GM does or not remains to be seen as I believe the pack is a bit undersized for the size of vehicles it will be placed in … GM’s motto may have to be changed to “Save a penny here, lose a dollar there” :(

    ___Good Luck


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