Where are all the Prius people?

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by hobbit, May 20, 2006.

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    New member checking in here. Another Prius person, since Aug 2001. I already “overpost” on several other internet discussions, so will try to spare you most of that here.

    My knowledge does not extend far beyond the classic Prius, and nobody should learn mpg techniques from me! My initial impression is that Clean MPG is very much about technique so maybe I can improve by reading here. To tell the truth though, I did better before increasing tread width to 185 mm.

    But the classic Prius still presents some useful aspects. For one thing it is slightly more amenable than the new model to some DIY maintenance. This helps to keep the total cost of ownership low. Low total costs, low emissions, and performing most of what I might use a car for in a quiet and “calming” way. That’s what I’m after in a car, and I have to say I feel pretty lucky having found it.

    Let our esteemed Wayne Gerdes and Dan Kroushl say more about how to convert knowledge of the upcoming terrain into high fuel efficiency! This seems like a very promising area. Some “rules” based on expert operator experience and a 3D basemap for the GPS should just about cover it. Interfacing with a Prius-type cruise control should not be difficult since it signals the ECU “faster, slower, etc.” by switching different fixed resistance values into the sensing circuit.

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    Welcome Das to www.CleanMPG.com
    Hope you will enjoy the Forum. :)

  3. hobbit

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    Oh, yeah, I'd sort of forgotten about using the CC to set a
    "baseline" speed and then staying somewhere above that with good
    foot technique. I did do a little of that on my haul to Florida
    and back last winter -- basically, just to prevent myself from
    dropping down *too* slow if I wasn't paying attention for a moment.
    The penalty, of course, is the fairly aggressive, high-RPM ICE
    running that the Prius will do to get back up to the set speed.
    But through some parts of the south, a baseline of 55 would probably
    be way too low. Getting past Atlanta in heavy rain with semis
    blasting by at 75+ on either side of me [I was mid-60s or
    thereabouts, when I could see ahead well enough] really sucked.
  4. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    You are lucky, I've been wanting that kind of car for a long time (EV mode is so useful I can imagine it for many scenarios for my driving). I see one now but the person who bought me this car believes that it will not be good for the long run. And there are so many DIY prius classic stuff that I thought it would be the perfect car for anywhere without the work either! (in terms of shifting gears). And all the hypermiling capability.

    What's your best tank so far DAS?
  5. Tochatihu

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    525 miles with no ding at the end and thanks *so* much for asking! You see, I'm no good at high mpg. Interestingly I have not been able to fill >10 gallons since last October, so the 2001 bladder may be losing some of its youthful suppleness. Most ever was 11.25 gallons, w/o running out of gas (I avoid that) and w/o tilting the car.

    I believe that I could glide a bit better with weaker accelerator pedal springs, but not ready to tear into that yet. Could go back down to 175-width tires too, but these wide ones have several nice properties. Underbody smoothing panels, etc. Plenty to be done.

    The problem with any modifications towards higher mpg is that they will only draw attention back to my clumsy right foot.

  6. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    Hm you should post a thread about your daily commute (the one you wish to improve upon) and see if you can score a 60 mpg segment or something. The Tour Del Sol the best classic prius entry (only 1!) was only 55 mpg, so I think that's a good start for you to work towards!

    Are there are things about the classic that bugs you in terms of driving for efficency??
  7. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow


    that's pretty crazy 82 mpg

  8. :) Welcome Hobbit, I just got fired up on MPG this evenning. Wanted you to know another Prius family is onboard. Didn't have a proper referer listed which delayed the registration, but excel got me straightened out on that one. We have just started practicing the Pulse and Glide and are still novices at it so far. What amazes me is the feeling of elation and accomplishment when I see the arrows go away. I'm anxious to read the contribution on Warp Stealth. I was driving the ol' F-150 today and noticed how not in a hurry I was after joining the P/G congregation. There was unused fuel in the tank when I got home simply from driving in the eye of the storm. Thanks for being here.
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    Hi kennethandmary,

    I met Hobbit at Wayne's house in Chicago this past weekend. We all then drove to Hybridfest 2006 in Madison, WI.

    Hobbit took me on a demo ride and tell in his Prius and showed me how it worked. Very informative ride indeed.

    With that being said:

    :D Welcome to CleanMPG :D

    Terry (tigerhonaker)
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    Prius owner speaking up, here. :D

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