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Discussion in 'General' started by IMAhybrid, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Aptera Typ-1 e Video Test Drive
    I've heard of the Aptera before, but I though it was just a plug hybrid (300mpg $30k Typ-1 h) so I never read anything about them, but what I didn't know was they also have a pure electric version (the Typ-1 e, and it's cheaper than the hybrid at only $27k! with a top speed that is plenty fast at 90 mph and a decent range of 120 miles). This video really got me interested in getting one. I showed it to my boyfriend and he wants to put down the $500 to reserve one. Too bad we don't live in California (yet).
    The only thing I think I wouldn't like about it is how high up it looks like I'd be sitting, I like the low-ness of my Insight. Driving my boyfriend's Corolla the other day felt like driving an SUV!
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    Who else has taken the plunge? I am #2505 on the Aptera list. Best $500. risk I have made! Oops! there is no risk, its a non binding agreement, with a 100% refund if you change your mind. The interest in the bank at 2% is what about $10. So I may lose $10. in interest.

    What will we gain? Reduce our dependency on foreign oil, reduce our trade deficit, GO GREEN, send a message to Detroit about alternative economy vehicles, have money to spend in our economy, instead of at the gas pump? A car manufacturer in the USA, a better legacy for our children and or ALL of the above!

    The Aptera as a concept is worth the $500. or the $10. should you change your mind, to simply influence CHANGE!

    Many have complained about the shape, others love it. It was designed to minimize drag. I drive a Ford Ranger pickup and a 3 cyclinder Geo, neither for style, both for functionality. I calculated that working in property management, I could operate cheaper and extend out my service area by owning an Aptera. As a write off taking business mileage write offs, well are you on my page yet?

    So can you afford to risk $10. or are you one of those that will still be talking about change NEXT YEAR?

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    I wonder how that would fair with snow on the ground...
  5. rweatherford

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    I'm sure they make snow tires in that size and you can always add weight like any other car. It may lack ABS (which lots of people hate in the snow anyway).
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    The main problem is that all it takes is one spot of ice to give you grief since it runs with a single drive wheel.

    That doesn't stop me from wishing I could get my hands on one, though!!!
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    plus if you have any extra tires lying around they'd fit both cars :D

    congratulations by the way.
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    We don't normally have that much of a problem with ice here. However, I would have trouble with the price tag!! Still this thing is just so sweet!

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    Actually, the typ2 is front wheel drive. They redesigned it when they discovered that it would ride better with the motor in front.
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    Sweet. Very nice interview and video!

    Anyone heard any FE numbers for the Type 2?
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    From https://aptera.com/reserve.php

    2h (hybrid version)
    Available in 2010, this plug-in electric hybrid will achieve an astounding 300 mpg. It can be charged by a standard outlet (110v) or filled up at your local gas station.

    It doesn't say if this is a real number or if it includes using the battery.

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