what kind of economic car to get?

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Jrfish007, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Jrfish007

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    Yes I have looked for these, but as you mentioned, finding one that I actually trust my life in is hard so many have been beaten or "mod" so badly I wouldn't touch it if you gave it to me. They are on my list of car that I am looking for though! Thanks!
  2. shifty35

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    The difficult thing is the "new" EPA ratings, under which the CRX HF gets 36/44 mpg... barely over anything new on the market, and still behind the hybrids.

    The thing the CRX really has going for it is the lightweight... no other newer cars, save the Insight, even come close.

    Now a CRX HF... with a 92-95 Civic VX engine... I could see some good times in the 60 mpg+...

    And that would be a stupid easy swap to do.
  3. Daox

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    Another car to look at is the Toyota Tercel. Its definitly not a large car (on par with the metro), but it'll pull off 40 easily without hypermiling if the engine is is good condition. I'd definitly look for a 95+ as they have a newer and more effecient engine. They actually have the same engine as my 97 Paseo that I have been averaing mid 40s with (and my engine is modified, and not mpg friendly). My wife had a 96 Tercel, and she routinely got very high 30s, and she wasn't very nice to the car at all. Just make sure whatever you get has a manual transmission.
  4. Jrfish007

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    That is one thing I must have... The auto's I've had are just to hard tog et good numbers form. If'm lucky I can generally get EPA's highway MPG from an auto.

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