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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by rockhound12, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. rockhound12

    rockhound12 New Member

    hi folks,

    I drive a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 4.7L (you all are cringing about now) auto tranny
    full time 4wheel drive ...(now you all are pulling your hair out)

    I have a K&N air filter atm
    and bosch platinum plus 4 plugs

    I currently get about 22 MPG on the highway 16 MPG in city

    looking for tips and tricks to getting better MPG

    (selling it at this time is not a option)LOL

    currently looking at buying one of them chips that claim more MPG

    and looking at grill blocking also over inflating the tires see how that helps

    anything else you guys and gals can think of?

  2. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Welcome! No worries, I don't think anybody's pulling their hair out. If you haven't already, hit the Articles section and read the "Hows and Whys of Hypermiling" writeup. That's a great catch-all for the techniques that are available to you. The best I can tell you is to forget the chip and make gradual changes to the way you drive. There's a lot to be gained from that and it won't cost you a dime.
  3. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    No cringing here! Your doing well for that truck. 16 city tell me that you drive well. Pump up the tires first. It's the easiest place to start. I run mine at 5 PSI below the sidewall max (51 PSI). It has made the ride harsher, but at my new speeds that really doesn't affect me.

    Which bring up the next thing. Your Jeep is a great off road truck. But it has the aerodynamics of a parachute. Try to never go over 60 MPH. Buy an MP3, put good music on it and calculate the time difference between 75 MPH and 55/60 MPH.

    I bet it won't make more than 5 minutes of difference on most trips. It will make a great difference on economy. I have a scan gauge and get to see what going fast does.

    Start a mileage post. It's motivating to try to improve in a public forum. You'll find that on the left side of the page

    Anyway, good luck.

    Louis b
  4. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    welcome. you do have a challenging vehicle, but i appreciate your humor and the fact that you realize there are things to do to improve. nice to have you on board, and good luck.
  5. ngzcaz

    ngzcaz Member

    I have a 1995 Jeep G.C. w/ the V8 ( think mine is a 5.1 liter or approx 318 c.i. ) with 170,000 miles, nothing done to engine or trans. Being VERY easy on the pedal gets me close to 17 combo driving and 21 to 22 trip if under 70 mph. I over inflated my tires a bit, put a K & N air filter ( didnt see a change ) and a tuneup.
    The key to decent mileage for this vehicle is its ability to have a feather touch on the pedal and still have enough power to maintain speed. Also thanks to the 4 speed with overdrive auto which really knocks the RPMs down on the interstates. I also had a highly touted 6 cylinder smaller Jeep Cherokee which got several mpg LESS mileage than the larger version.
    I recently purchased a little Ford Ranger w/ the V6 with very low mileage and all I can get is around 23 to 25 on the interstates. Hardly worth the harder ride and feeling of safety one gets with the Jeep. And the 23 to 25 is with the 5 speed standard trans. Plugs are clean & lean, runs fine, just not the mileage I thought I could squeak out of it, although the factory estimate was 23 so....

  6. 98CRV

    98CRV Well-Known Member

    Get yourself a scangauge 2 if you can. It will help you.
    Keep coming back here.
  7. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Welcome to CleanMPG! Sorry I missed you until now.:eek: I see that we're practically neighbors so if you would ever like to get together sometime on a weekend maybe I could try to give you some driving tips. You are already doing pretty good though. Keep reading and asking questions.
  8. desdemona

    desdemona Well-Known Member

    Hey nice to have a fellow rockhound (though I am more of a hidden one) on the board.
    I like you guys driving slowly, I can draft you then. :)
    (Hey just kidding on the drafting!! Though seriously you'll do something to block the wind on my Corolla. Got passed by 2 semis, 2 SUVs and 2 cars in close succession. I saw my Scan gauge jump about up quite a bit. )

  9. ngzcaz

    ngzcaz Member

    The scan gauge is really a worthwhile item. A similar device came standard on my 95 Jeep G.C. and its tells more than what you may realize. Example : A few years ago I started using more gas and the gauge never went to the max of 99mpg when off the pedal while going down a steep hill. A little while later I started hearing a slight chirp of the tires when going around sharp turns. A trip to the internet Jeep website suggested a bad viscous coupler ( very expensive ) but a trip to the dealer confirmed it. It was replaced and everything went back to normal.
    Dont know that scan gauge works exactly but mine has trip mileage, mileage till empty, miles driven, current mpg, average of miles driven, compass heading and a few more I'm probably missing. They dont make a scan gauge for my 1989 Ranger or I'd have one on by now.

  10. Vooch

    Vooch Well-Known Member

    a iFCD will get you to increase your mpg by another 10- 25% - you'll be getting close to 30 MPG on the highway
  11. ngzcaz

    ngzcaz Member

    Well, I might be the only one, but what is a ifdc ?

  12. desdemona

    desdemona Well-Known Member

    You aren't the only one!! I kind of guessed actually, but only because I have been reading this since summer. (How long ago that seems!!) It does mean instantaneous fuel display something. The Scan Gauge is one of these. It presents how much fuel you are using at all times giving you things like mpg and gallons per mile.

    Fortunately you dont' have to know what all the terms mean. While I find it annoying sometimes, it helpfully presents all the possible terms highlighted in green. If you click on them you will be given a brief definition. For instance, MPG was highlighted in green, and if, in the off chance, you didn't know what that means you could click on it and get a useful definition.

  13. ngzcaz

    ngzcaz Member

    Ok.. Thanks. I have one from the factory on the Jeep, nothing available for the Ranger.
    Guess I'll have to go really low tech ( and a lot less expensive ) and get a vacuum gauge..

  14. rockhound12

    rockhound12 New Member

    thanks for all you guys and gals input!

    does anyone have one of these?

    Fuel Your Car With Water
    Convert Your Car In Minutes To A Water-Running Car.

    and is this for real?

    im a mechanic and never heard of anything like this before

    any of you real people used it or heard of it being used?
  15. ngzcaz

    ngzcaz Member

    Well, it just so happens I saw this as well, dug around for a telephone number, found it and spoke with this person directly. While open minded, I try not to be a fool so I asked him a few questions relating to this product and info. Seems he " never gave it a thought " about having an independent testing lab verify the very impressive claims made on the website even though if advertised, this would be worth BILLIONS. He also said the results he gives are from " word of mouth " satisfied users. This went on for a few minutes before I hung up.
    While the technology might be sound, I seriously doubt that he has the formula needed for this product. The lame excuses he gave for not having some kind of verification for his claims definitely sends up all kinds of red flags. I would love to be proven wrong for my impressions and if anyone has anything to offer please.. let me know.

  16. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    Its iFCD, not iFDC ;)

    It stands for instantaneous fuel consumption display.

    As for the running your car on water. Its a scam, don't buy into it.

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