FedEx goes Diesel Hybrid in Europe.

Discussion in 'Commerical Transportation' started by xcel, Oct 23, 2007.

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    The Daily Hybrid will get a workout.

    [xfloat=right][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes – – Oct. 22, 2007

    BRUSSELS – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx announced plans to introduce 10 diesel powered hybrid-electric vans to its European fleet. The Vans were manufactured by Iveco of Turin, Italy and are FedEx’s first in Europe.

    “With nearly 100 diesel-hybrids already on the road, FedEx is the perfect company to operate the 10 Italian built diesel hybrids given the demanding stop/start duty this type of vehicle will see on a daily basis.

    “We expect these hybrid-electric vehicles to perform with increased fuel efficiency and decreased emissions, making them ideal for city and urban environments,” said Robert W. Elliott, president, FedEx Express, Europe Middle East the Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

    The Iveco Daily, showing for the first time at the European Road Transport Show later this month, provides the highway fuel efficiency of a Diesel and limits fuel consumption when driving in a start/stop duty cycle with its hybrid drivetrain providing all electric propulsion for much of the time. The FE increase for the diesel parallel hybrid is estimated at 30%.
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    How are you supposed to know the FedEx guy is coming if they're in all electric mode! I am used to being able to hear it from down the street. What's next hybrid garbage trucks that actually pick up the trash in silence? I can't wait to see hybrid technology in everyday applications.
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    The bus applications are cool, and open up new possiblities for expanding transit since you don't have the nimby noise/smoke issues.

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