Pres Bush to Meet With Big Three CEOs

Discussion in 'General' started by Chuck, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    President Bush is to meet with the CEOs of GM, Ford, DCX. I'm glad he is doing this, but am concerned this is not going to go much beyond a gesture.

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  2. AZBrandon

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    I'm not sure what you would expect any president to do that isn't a gesture. Should he hand them buckets full of money? Perhaps offer them some lovely young ladies (VW did something like that)? Tell them something brilliant like "Now, all you need to do is produce cars that run on ethanol and that people want to buy"?
  3. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    I'm thinking of the way strikes were broken up if they were considered a threat to the national economy - business and the unions were invited, the door is locked until they reach a deal.

    I'm thinking along the terms of the President telling Detroit to find a solution or Washington will find one they will like less. Do I expect that to happen? No.
  4. tigerhonaker

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    Just a thought about this.

    If you nothing at all, then usually the results (Equal-Nothing).
  5. xcel

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    Hi All:

    ___I will take the other side of that coin. I think Mr. Bush is finally listening and learning from the real world which shows GM and Ford making smaller and smaller contributions to our economy (if any at all in the distant future) while the Asian’s keep making inroads at an ever increasing rate. You cannot have this go on forever or we are all screwed … Maybe they will get off this H2 kick and start spending money on real FE gain technology right now instead of after they are buried in debt or worse?

    ___A bit OT but both Ford and GM should have been/should be using Atkinson intakes on their smaller vehicles. The std. Civic’s 3 mode solution with the Atkinson intake engaged in its most frugal mode was an excellent compromise all the while Ford’s Focus and GM’s Aveo/Cobalt will continue to lag behind in the FE race vs. the Asian onslaught. I mean why does Ford not have a Focus “HF” using the Euro Focus/Mazda 3 underpinning’s/design, w/ the 2.0e PZEV being atkinsonized, high pressure SP31’s (44 #’s on the door’s!), a very tall 4th, 5th, and final ratio’s with a few underbody aero tricks including wheel covers, and a smallish LCD similar to the Scan Gauge with an i and Trip A/B aFCD in the gauge cluster to get that thing punching out 45 + mpg’s right off the lot. They had better do something instead of completely relying on Trucks and SUV’s to get them out of this mess?

    ___Sorry for the OT rant but Ford knows what an Atkinson is worth on the FEH down to the last fraction of an ounce per mile so why not throw the same tech at the 2.0e as it is just shallower heads on the std. 2.3 many here are keenly aware of :(

    ___Good Luck


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