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  1. endura

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    15.5 mpg on the first tank.

    -no load, hibernating until march.
    -50% short trips, cold weather. truck barely warmed up before turning off.
    -25% cruise at 65mph
    -25%cruise at 80mph.

    -my 1992 acura legend got 15mpg with the above mentioned driving pattern.
    -1994 accord got 17mpg.
    -don't have a direct comparison with the F150 for this exact pattern, however, best ever on it, lightly loaded and majority highway at 60-65 mph + drafting was 15.5mpg.
  2. endura

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    ok, update on the ridgeline.

    same loads, same general driving patterns, same driver, etc.,

    f150 was getting 13-14mpg average.

    ridgeline is getting 17-18mpg average.

    thank you honda.
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    I just joined today and am very pleased to see this thread. I bought a Scanguage for my boyfriend for his birthday to help him out with his '02 Ford F150 supercab and I'll send him right to this site when he gets it. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge.

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