Volkswagen Golf (Gas) Mileage in Canada

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by ShaunMac, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. ShaunMac

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    Hi, I drive 59 kilometres to work each day, and 59 kilometres back. With the exception that on the drive back I have to climb a huge mountain, it's a preety easy drive. I tend to only drive 90km/h usually with the cruise control. In the mornings, since it's summer here, I leave the fan off and the windows up in the morning. On the way back however, I usually drive in the city with all of the windows down and then with the A/C on it's lowest setting and the windows up once I hit the highway while going 90km/h. I live in Canada and drive a Volkswagen Golf which has been giving me on average 600-620 kilometres a tank. I am looking to improve this and am looking for other VW gas drivers who have an interest in increasing their mileage and may have advice and tips.

  2. Vooch

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    which engine- trans do you have ?

    what year ?

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