Volkswagen to end cooperation with DCX on Blutec.

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    ___Not much of a news item here but I found it interesting for those watching future diesel technology …

    Volkswagen to end cooperation with DaimlerChrysler on Blutec diesel branding.

    FRANKFURT (Thomson Financial) - Volkswagen AG is to end its cooperation with DaimlerChrysler AG and will end the Bluetec diesel campaign started in the US last year in favour of a return to its own TDI branding for diesel vehicles, VW spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode said, confirming a report in the German magazine Wirtshaftswoche.

    According to Bodes, the reason for the change can be traced to sharpened US emissions regulations where VW currently has no new diesel products on the market.

    "We will begin in 2008 to offer new diesel vehicles," he said … [rm] [/rm]

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