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    Hello Milwaukee Hybrid Group members,

    Here are the final plans on our group BH buy and Install for Prius owners.

    WHY: Please review the attached MiHG handout to see the cost and environmental benefits of a block heater. A BH is a cost effective and essential tool in achieving better fuel economy in your Prius.

    WHAT: We can order block heaters as a group from Jesse Wright at Metro Toyota out of Cleveland, Ohio. It will offer them to us for $39 a piece which is $10 less than retail. He can supply us with BH’s for either the first gen Prius (2001-2003) or second gen Prius (2004-current). We need to get 20 members on the buy to get this price. We currently have 8 members saying that they are interested.

    SHIPPING: Jesse usually takes our orders individually from our members over the phone, with payment by credit card. He then ships the BH to your house with a charge of $6-$8 for shipping. They usually arrive in less than 1 week. Since most of our members are looking for a group Install too, he will ship BH’s to my house for a flat $40. I will then bring the BH’s to the Install(s) or our Meet. I would like to get them for distribution at our Meet on the 25th, though the install will be on a later date.

    PAYMENT: IF you order through Jesse, you will need to pay by credit card. If you order through me, you may pay me at the Meet or at the Install.

    INSTALL: Members Wayne Mitchell and Ken Keuler have agreed to do the Installs. Since most members are either in Chicago, Milwaukee or Madison, the Install will be somewhere in the Milwaukee area to spit the mileage difference between the 3 areas. It’ll probably be on a weekend and, depending on all 20 wanting installs, could be done in less than 1 day. Since a dealer will charge close to $200 to install a BH, I would think that a modest donation should be given to Ken and Wayne at the time of your Install for their time, effort and mileage. Time and date of the Install will be determined later.

    WHAT DO I DO IF I’M INTERESTED: Contact me if you are interested in getting in on the buy and email me with the following info;
    - the type of Prius you have
    - whether you want the BH sent to me or you’ll go through Jesse
    - if you want us to install your BH for you

    Please let me know your intentions by no later than Sunday 8-12-07. We need 20 and we are at 8 right now. As I mentioned, if you’re interested in getting the best your Prius can give, this is an essential tool.

    Questions, call me or Justin at 262-691-4349.

    Bradlee Fons

    Send me an email if you want to look at our MiHG handout on block heaters"

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