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    Snow level on Haystack Mtn is still about 2000feet. But 2 days ago, the Puget Sound temperatures were above 60degF. Yet, Easter morning yesterday, temperatures were down to 45degF & warmer clothes were needed for a walk. Today, the sun is bursting open, earlier than expected with temperatures predicted to get to 54degF. Cloudier tomorrow & rain coming. Depending on the temp, snow should fall in the mtns. At some point(in late April or May?), snow will be off Haystack Mtn,, only remaining on higher 6-9000 foot peaks.
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    Finally....I went for a long totally sunny drive in the 2013 auto Elantra. 39degF to begin. Surprised by the roadside snow beginning at 1500feet on the way up to 4000foot Stevens Pass. Really surprised by the 15 foot vertical snow along what I would call the roadsides, but there were no roadsides....just the occasional guardrail with 15 feet of snow. Did I say vertical? Yes, vertical! At pass top, 32 degrees & MPG down to 30. Highway 2, tho surrounded by snow was almost all dry. Descending to Peshastin, MPG recovered to 41. Moving south now on Highway 97 to 4000foot Blewit Pass, MPG dropped to 32. Whereas Highway 2 had a few rough areas(more traffic), Blewit pavement was sweet & smooth. One short spot of major work. Descending, ascending & descending to I-90 near usually windy Ellensburg, accumulated MPG was 43. In the region are scattered Wind Turbines, usually generating electricity. But now, they were unusually still, just a handful turning very slowly. Moving towards Yakima on the freeway, major ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, & downs & downs got me to the big farming & orchard city with several rivers & creeks meeting to water the crops.. Continuing south thru the famous Town of Union Gap, brought me to the vast Yakama Native Tribal Reservation. Reservations, sometimes called Concentration Camps by the Native Tribes concentrated there, were admired by Hitler.
    Getting gas in Toppenish, filling car tank & jugs, the day had warmed to 66degF., the warmest I’d been since early October(?) last year. Yeah, I was driving in my T-shirt, had zipped off my zippable pant legs (which I had made sure to wear), & had the windows rolled down a trace.
    Returning to Yakima, I traveled the Yakima Canyon to Ellensburg. The angles of the slopes on the canyons, coincided with the slope of the Sunrays, illuminating the natural “terraces” which showed how the slopes shifted downward over time. Getting on I-90, I saw the more distant Wind Turbines again, this time more turnings providing more electricity. I proceeded to Snoqualmie Pass, then down into western Washington & home. It was good to be home after a sweet day, because my arthritis has been kicking up. Day’s end with MPG at 44.4.

    PS.....The reason I went traveling to eastern Washington yesterday......its snowing at Stevens Pass today!
    April 8, 2021:
    PS I....Other reasons that I took the eastern Wa drive, two days ago, was that the mtn. weather at least, was to be multiple days rain & snow. & such be the case. Not only am I seeing Stevens Pass highway mountain snow on the Wa state DOT cameras, but I even see multiple snow plows clearing snow right now. Also, traffic is stopped well before the pass, for avalanche control activities.
    April 9, 2021:
    PS II....This morning the sun is beaming & we have lots of blue sky. Unlike my drive 3 days ago, when the morning temperature was 39degF, today there was frost on the grass.
    April 10, 2021:
    PS III...Still, snowing in the Cascade mtns. Last night, snow got below 1000feet in our high foothills proceeding into the Cascades & even into a bit of eastern Washington. Even snow in Sultan, which is considered as the valley. Still, avalanche control continues on several highways, plus I-90 is closed due to multiple snow related accidents. Still, I dote on my drive the other day.
    I certainly will drive more....between the weather bouts. & the good weather seems to be coming, with clearing skies to the west & sunshine now taking over, away from the mountains. Yeah, my Hyundais are ready for travel weather. I’ll point the car noses toward the sunshine.
    Whoa! Just had a nice drive in the Hyundai Accent with blue skies all around(‘cept to the east in the cloudy, rainy, snowy(?) mountains). Stopping & walking along favorite river bends, yesterday I saw 2 nice deer in the fields with the binoculars (had also seen 3 deer on the river island a week before). Today, saw 2 coyotes in the same fields trying to rustle up some grub. While binocular sweeping the region, I saw a house roofing team doing their thing, over half of a mile away. We’re going to get our house roofed pretty soon, so maybe that’s a sign that our house is due.
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