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Discussion in 'Weather' started by Ford Man, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. litesong

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    Went for a pleasant walk with my wife & her mom. Some birds about....but I really perked up, when my binoculars showed both Stellar Jays & Red-shafted flickers were sharing the same tree. All birds were calm.... as the day was. & snow was continuing to melt away, even the snow that had been piled up by shovels.
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  2. Ford Man

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    We finally got above freezing yesterday after being below freezing for over a week. Today we're supposed to get into the 40's and back into the 50's by Tuesday.
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  3. BillLin

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    The sun's pretty strong this time of year. My driveway receives sun from mid-morning to sunset, so any temperature near freezing and all ice/snow will melt provided I scrape it down close to bare pavement.

    40s and 50s sounds great. Enjoy!
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  4. litesong

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    Stated elsewhere, we did get our shots yesterday & the roads were completely free of snow & ice! Alright!!! We arrived over 1 hour early for our shots & the folllowing is icing (not snow ice) on the cake:
    We gave the park attendent our names & appointments & he waved us around the building. But, instead of getting in a long line of cars....there were NO cars! We drove all the way around the building & were ushered to a parking space. We parked, walked into the vaccine building & only had to sit for 1 minute before being directed to the tent for our 2nd shots. All we had to do after the shots was wait for 15minutes for any possible side effects. Then, we left & drove home in a mostly beautiful day(occasional mild rain squirts).

    PS....My wife had side-effects from her shot & was in bed for 2 days. Things have to be bad, when she is waylaid. But, she is recovering now & hopes are she’ll be back at her best, soon. Her mom had little problems with her shot & was active through-out.
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  5. RedylC94

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    I'm afraid to ask my 4 Texas cousins (in Tyler, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and unknown) how they survived winter's visit there.
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  6. Ford Man

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    I think I'd wait till spring and the weather was better before I asked. Warmer prettier weather might make them forget the worst of it.
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  7. litesong

    litesong litesong

    With the rain, the only snow remaining along our entire long block are 2 small piles, which I piled up, clearing our drive way out to the road. Weeklong plus forecast is for rain, & no snow. The longer time goes, indicates our snow in the lowlands may be over for the season. We’ll see.
    But, the clouds continue & have made celestial observations short & few between for this winter. What little observing I got, was more than I’ve had during other winters tho. So, the smaller camera lens & eyepiece has been more advantageous, than the big telescopes I used to have.
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  8. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Oh.oh.....we just got some goldfinch raiding our suet bins! Also, a Downy Woodpecker showed up. But, more than that, a male Townsend’s Warbler has showed up this day, February 22, 2021 to match the backyard sighting on 3-17-19.
    Alright! Red-letter day! Even tho, a spot of snow is still on the ground from the snow storm, eight days ago.
    PS......My wife saw the Townsend Warbler in the backyard, again today. Hope everyone here gets to see a TW. They are lovely. They hybridize with Hermit Warblers AND ALSO will displace them in some habitats.
    PS I......Townsend Warbler was back again. But, lo & behold....what came into the yard. Two doves came in to checkout the menu. They poked a bit, but I don’t think they were pleased with the “little bird” feed. We’ll see if they come back. Anyhow, the Redwing Blackbirds raided our pantry. That was good. Bad was, there was one starling among them. Sure don’t want to feed starlings.
    PS....This morning, the Downy Woodpecker was back. Hope other Downies & Woodies show up, including Sapsuckers. Along the same line, hope numerous Townsend Warblers & other Warblers show this coming Spring. Ah, the doves were back, this time picking more enthusiastically at the “little bird” food.
    While Spring is showing evidence in the lowlands, the mountains are getting lots of snow.
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