Lucid Motors and Their High End, High Efficiency, High Performance, Lucid Air Lineup

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    [​IMG] Whooaa!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 23, 2021

    2021 Lucid Air


    While I prep the intro for the all-new Lucid Motors Company and its soon to be world class spec offering(s) called The Lucid Air model lineup, below are some of the media pics for you to enjoy.

    But first, an overview of the next hot BEV to reach the global consumer.

    Lucid Motors has revealed its cards regarding the full Lucid Air model range, including pricing of the base Lucid Air with 406 miles of projected range and 480 hp available from just $77,400. This all-new Lucid Air model lineup includes Lucid Air Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Edition versions. Customers can now reserve this new more attainable model of Lucid Air for $300 at Lucid Air Pre-Order Reservations.

    Customers who reserve will receive three years of complimentary charging at Electrify America’s extensive nationwide network of ultrafast charging stations.

    The Lucid Air is a car with great performance, spaciousness, and luxurious design. Packaging efficiency capitalizes on Lucid’s advanced miniaturized drivetrain to provide the interior space of a full-size luxury vehicle while maintaining the exterior footprint of a mid-size performance sedan. This enables unmatched aerodynamic efficiency and increased agility and maneuverability, all while enveloping occupants in a carefully crafted atmosphere with meticulous attention to detail.

    Luxurious appointments for the Lucid Air model include PurLuxe animal-free interior trim in the Mojave theme, the 34” Lucid Glass Cockpit curved, floating display, and the largest frunk ever fitted to an electric sedan. Furthermore, the Lucid Air model is also available with DreamDrive, a new benchmark in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This first-of-its-kind platform is exclusive to the full Lucid Air range, combining the most comprehensive sensor suite on the market with a cutting-edge driver monitoring system.

    Alongside the Lucid Air, the Lucid Air Touring model offers yet another paradigm in luxury, performance, and efficiency, available from $87,500. Interior appointments include an available Glass Canopy Roof for an extravagant sense of space, the Lucid Glass Cockpit Display, and a wide range of choices for interior materials and finishes. It also includes a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive drive configuration that takes advantage of an ultra-efficient, energy-dense drivetrain to deliver:

    Reservations for Lucid Air and Lucid Air Touring, as well as the other models in the Lucid Air range, are open now and can be placed at the Lucid Motors website or at an ever-expanding network of retail locations, including the recently opened Beverly Hills Studio and service center. Customer deliveries for the first Lucid Air models begins in spring of 2021.

    2021 Lucid Air Exterior

    Sleek - as in a 0.21 Cd, and a unique looking sedan from just about any angle.​

    2021 Lucid Air Wheel Cover Design

    Look at the detail of the alloys aero cover!​

    Moving to the Interior, yet another full on luxury addition to the automotive marketplace.

    2021 Lucid Air Interior



    Yes, the roof looks just like that. Just like the Boeing 787 Dream Liner, the Lucid Air is supposedly using electrochromic technology to control the darkness of the roof glass.

    What appears to be a lot of leg room in the std. Lucid Air rear seats.​

    Now watch to the end of the interior design video what rear seat passengers receive with the optional high end Executive seating available in the 2022 Lucid Air...


    I can all but guarantee there is not a single member that would not love to spend some time behind the wheel of this super efficient super car. ;)

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    Beautiful. What do I like the most ? It's not an SUV/CUV.
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    Hi Edwin:


    I suspect the Lucid Air's 0.21 Cd could be a slightly exaggerated marketing number as I am not seeing the aero details to bring it down to the level of a std. bullet. The theoretical minimum Cd of a vehicle is ~ 0.15 and that is a low height tear drop in both the horizontal and vertical plan with lengthy chord length to reduce boundary layer separation plus little ground clearance. The Lucid Air with that sharp falloff at the rear glass does not look that slippery but it was tested in a full scale wind tunnel so maybe it is?

    Lucid sent a production-ready Lucid Air to North Carolina for aerodynamic testing at Windshear’s advanced rolling-road wind tunnel. It emerged with a verified coefficient of drag of 0.21, making the Lucid Air the world’s most aero-efficient luxury car.

    The aerodynamics team included technologists and analysts with four Formula One World Championships under their belt worked with the engineering and design teams throughout the Lucid Air’s development. Together, they established aero efficiency as one of the vehicle platforms core tenets.

    Jean-Charles Monnet, Lead Aerodynamicist:
    This aero efficiency can be seen on the surface of the Lucid Air’s elegant design, with functional surfaces and details that guide air efficiently through and around the car. This includes side air intakes in the front fascia that smooth airflow around the typically turbulent wheel wells; aerodynamically optimized wheel designs; and vents in the hood that channel air around the flanks of the car.

    Beneath its skin, the Lucid Air features a proprietary and patented vortex-generating air intake system behind the front bumper. It maximizes cooling performance by uniformly distributing air on heat exchange surfaces while minimizing the size of the air intake aperture, further increasing aero efficiency — and it has the added benefit of enabling the Air’s sleek frontal design.

    An uninterrupted, smooth undersurface curves progressively upward toward the rear of the Lucid Air to form an aerodynamic diffuser. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the very shape of the battery pack, which provides a forward extension of its curved form. This is another Lucid innovation — a battery pack that performs multiple functions within the car, contributing more than a source of energy.

    Track and top speed testing continues to validate the functionality of its aerodynamic design. Thus far, a Lucid Air alpha prototype has achieved a stable and GPS-confirmed top speed of 235 mph.

    The Lucid Air’s frontal area is also particularly low as a consequence of the Air’s innovative ‘Space Concept’ design layout. The resultant combination of a low Cd with a small frontal area reduces total drag improving range beyond that of its main competitor, the Tesla Model S.

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    Hi All:

    Looking back at the Beta testing program, Lucid was refreshingly open about its Powertrain, Ride and Handling, and 400-Mile Range testing program with a series of updates over the past year.

    Lucid built 80 beta prototypes at their Silicon Valley HQ, each designated for a specific purpose in preparation for the start of Lucid Air production. Beta prototypes were tested on both private tracks and public roads, and in extreme conditions from summer to winter.

    The first update in this series takes you to the track for a variety of testing programs, one of which makes efficiency the forefront in their mission to provide more than 400 miles of real-world all-electric driving range.

    This video starts at the NASA Airport and Testing Facility in Crows Landing, CA, where they used Beta 1 and Beta 5 to test and validate the powertrain while analyzing performance and efficiency with increased power and torque levels, measuring durability, and range.

    Next up was Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA, where they continued to refine damper performance with Beta 8 by observing its performance on imperfect pavement. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, there’s no need to compromise the ride comfort of a luxury sedan while still providing the sharp handling of a sports sedan. The dampers soften to absorb bumps then immediately stiffen to control rebound.

    With Beta 11, they calibrated steering geometry for maximum road feel. Lucid Air drivers will be able to custom set the steering feedback to personal taste, using drive modes to make it as sporty or luxurious as desired.

    Finally, to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, where Beta 9 traveled over 400 miles on a single charge at highway speeds. Lucid believes the standard Air will perform even better in real-world conditions off the track.

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    Hi All:

    Lucid’s Long-Term Battery Cell Partnership with LG Chem

    Lucid brought in LG Chem to supply the Air with battery cells for standard versions of the Lucid Air through 2023. With these advanced battery cells, they locked in in core volume production forecasts for the Lucid Air for the next several years.
    But first, what about their Sales and Service Strategy?

    The Lucid Air studio at their Silicon Valley headquarters in San Jose is now open by appointment.

    Lucid Air Studios in Newark, CA and Miami, FL


    Lucid Studios pay homage to the Golden State’s relaxed elegance through modern design rendered in warm colors and natural materials. They also serve as technology hubs for an integrated digital journey centered on Lucid’s Virtual Reality Experience. Combining the physical and virtual worlds in an immersive vehicle interior model with four seats, customers can explore the Air inside and out.

    This studio in Newark, CA, is just one of nine that opened in 2020, with these locations just a part of the brands flagship studios:
    • Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, CA
    • Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA
    • Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, CA
    • Rosemary Square in West Palm Beach, FL
    Studios in Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills will also feature service centers. And we will open further studios this year in New York City, Miami, and in additional Southern California locations.

    For 2021, Lucis expects to open studios and service centers in New York, Florida, Washington D.C., Chicago, Orange County, San Diego, and Europe. Many other locations are under consideration, which will be prioritized based on the reservations we receive.

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    Introducing Lucid Motors

    A new identity for a new era of luxury mobility

    Lucid embodies what ambition, drive, and a clean-sheet design can achieve. It is the freedom to draw inspiration from the possibilities of the future, not from what is dictated by a heritage from the past. Freedom from such boundaries has enabled Lucid to focus their attention on what a luxury automotive experience can be. This clarity of purpose is what defines the upcoming Luxury model lineup and brand.

    Lucid started in 2007 with a battery and an idea. They wanted to contribute to the growth of electrified vehicles while focusing on developing a battery system that could be scaled to work across many vehicle types. The batteries that they built have now logged multi-millions of miles of real-world driving. As they continued to developing complete powertrain systems, it became clear that the most direct route to increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road was to develop their own.

    In 2014 Lucid began engineering a BEV of its own design. One unbound by the conventions of internal combustion or heritage. One that takes full advantage of the advanced technologies driving dramatic shifts in the mobility experience: electrification, automated driving, connectivity and ridesharing?

    As they prepare to launch their first vehicle, the transition to a clean slate future us evident.

    As a group of passionate engineers, designers and other professionals, Lucid philosophy will be put to the test. With the guiding principles of user-focused design, advanced technology and premium craftsmanship, they will be utilizing the unique performance and packaging benefits of a BEV. The result is an experience that is effortless, intelligent, and personalized. An experience unlike any other on the road, even beyond Tesla.

    It has been an exciting road for this California-based company and there are many more milestones to come... I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Lucid appears to be a part of that future today, not tomorrow. ;)

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    Hi All:

    Inside the hearts and minds. ;)

    To demonstrate how they built their car (and brand) from the ground up, they interviewed key players covering every aspect of the Air experience. Watch as VP of Design Derek Jenkins discusses the origins of the Lucid brand. Design Director of Brand Nathan Barbour speaks to the end-to-end experience and their post-luxury approach. Exterior Design Manager Jenny Ha shows how they achieved the sleek, minimal shape of Lucid Air. And Design Director of Interior design Joann Jung teams up with Design Director of CMF Sue Magnusson to talk about the intentionality that went into the Air interiors...

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