Honda Europe Set to Release HR-V Hybrid

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. xcel

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    [​IMG] A popular B-segment CUV gains Honda’s 2-motor Hybrid Drivetrain std. equipment in Europe as a follow on to the CR-V and Jazz Hybrids.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 18, 2021


    Honda will unveil the latest generation HR-V with a fully hybridized drivetrain just one month from today. The small SUV will feature the company’s two-motor e:HEV powertrain will be standard for the first time.

    The all-new e:HR-V is just one of many current and future models representing Honda's commitment to an ‘Electric Vision’ strategy that will see all of its European mainstream models electrified by 2022. The HR-V is the latest model in Honda's line-up to wear the e:HEV powertrain badging, joining the CR-V and all new Jazz which was launched in Europe last year.

    The new HR-V e:HEV will be unveiled on 18 February 2021.
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  2. Luke

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    It's great they have this vision for Europe (because of Europe's new regulations likely), but in US it feels they are going backwards.
    For example redesigned TLX/MDX both have worse FE than the previous 5+ year model. And no plans announced to offer future hybrid or PHEV models. While for Honda there are a few hybrids and 1 PHEV, but they haven't been refreshed in a while.
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    That's because they ARE going backwards.

    There are zero Acura models that tickle my fancy , and only two Honda's.

    Our local Honda dealers ( the two I checked ) don't order any Insights cheaper than
    the Touring Model.
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  4. Trollbait

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    Only took a quick look, but it appears the difference could be in the rounding error. Then the EPA made changes to some testing rules in 2016 that may not be adjusted for in the older models.
    Honda could do better, but I suspect they are like Toyota. Getting the most profit out of older technologies in the US because of our cheaper fuel prices, and general lack of concern among the public for fuel efficiency.
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  5. WriConsult

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    Sure would love to see a hybrid HR-V. I've driven the regular version and actually quite like it (especially in LX trim without the awful touchscreens of the higher levels, though of course I'd be stuck with that in a hybrid). It has a lot more space than most of the competitors in the subcompact class, some of can only carry a pack of gum in the trunk. A hybrid version would help make up for the loss of the MT version a couple years ago. And with the Fit phasing out, the HR-V is effectively tied with the Civic as Honda's least-expensive vehicle. Presumably we'd be looking at a price (and drivetrain) similar to the Insight, which would be awesome.
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  6. Luke

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    Toyota though offers a lot of hybrids (especially Lexus) and also released the Sienna & Venza as hybrid only models. But they are a bigger company to able to afford more lower volume models I guess than Honda.

    Reason for decreased Acura FE is that both TLX & MDX redesigns are larger and heavier, so unfortunately really less efficient. Not only that, they also kept reducing the tank size for the MDX. It used to be 21, then 19.5 and now 18.5 gallons. Also highway mpg dropped by 1 mpg.

    The Honda Fit was redesigned as a hybrid only model. But not for the US as I can see it's too small and therefore too low volume for this market.
    They could offer eventually a hybrid model of the Pilot and Passport. More likely than Acura it seems which is odd, since I always think car buyers are willing to spend more in the luxury segment.
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  7. BillLin

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    I have hopes Honda will consider the US. The HR-V is selling well per some car sales data. I only peeked at one source with the first 3 quarters of sales for 2020.

    Assuming the numbers are reasonable on the site, I like the quick accessibility of various data there.

    Back to the HR-V. I think there would be a vacuum in the Honda line without the HR-V. I suppose they could sell an ICE-only model for the US, if that makes any sense... the following article seems to indicate there will be a US-only HR-V model.

    Will the 2022 HR-V grow in size, else why not just sell us the e:HEV?
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  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    There's no shortage of dumb young people and women who will
    buy a non-hybrid HR-V. Daughter #2 likes it , but she bought a Forester last year.
    My girlfriend has a 2019 Fit , and I like it a lot.
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