Trump’s Failed Coup D’état May Have Had Even Darker Motives

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    I am feeling fear and amusement in equal amounts.
    Fear , because it ain't over.
    Amusement ? It's TOO funny !
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    I see you didn’t get any “likes” for your post.
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    Hi All:

    And those the cleaned up the mess are truly heroes... The pic is linked to the Washington Post story.


    Upset by veterans who stormed the Capitol, these vests decided to clean up the trash the mob left on the streets of DC.

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    4 Days left. Let's hope he doesn't do any last minute sinister deeds.
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    Hi All:

    Possibly the most poignant response so far...


    The Texas senator's response about agreeing to investigate RobonHood incited an angrier one from Ocasio-Cortez:

    "I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s "common ground", but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out."

    "Happy to work with any GOP that aren't trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, resign."

    In another tweet, Ocasio-Cortez criticized remarks Cruz has made about "moving on" from the insurrection on Jan. 6, saying that accountability is still needed.

    "We need accountability, and that includes a new Senator from Texas."

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    Hi All:

    As suspected...

    Trump Defense Secretary Disarmed D.C. National Guard Before Capitol Riot

    On that same day, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller issued a memo to the secretary of the Army placing some extremely unusual limits on National Guard forces for that event. It's not a to-do list. It's a list of thou shalt nots. A long list. A list that says guard forces can't arrest any of the pro-Trump protesters, or search them, or even touch them. And that's just for starters. The full memo shows that the D.C. Guard did receive a request from D.C. government for guard presence during the Jan. 6 event. Miller responds promptly to go ahead, so long as the soldiers are given no weapons, no body armor, and no helmets. They can bring agents like pepper spray or flashbangs. They can't share any gear with Capitol Police or Metro D.C. Police. They can't … really do much of anything.


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    “don’t rump” thot if he killed the Congress, he(it) would take over. He would have been in for a surprise. When “his(it’s) forces” sat in Pelosi’s chair & took a computer, they thot “the war” was over. “don’t rump” & “his(its) forces” turned out to be keystone cops. Even if the Congress had been killed, the states would have elected new representatives & Joe Biden still would have been President of the United States, with full power to make war against insurrectionists.
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    Hi All:

    This reporting on Trump's last days has me pissed for his intent on stealing Democracy from all American's with this BS!!!

    Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency <-- Follow the link.

    Four conspiracy theorists marched into the Oval Office. It was early evening on Friday, Dec. 18 — more than a month after the election had been declared for Joe Biden, and four days after the Electoral College met in every state to make it official...

    President Trump's private schedule hadn't included appointments for Powell or the others: former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former CEO Patrick Byrne, and a little-known former Trump administration official, Emily Newman. But they'd come to convince Trump that he had the power to take extreme measures to keep fighting...
    ... Trump was no longer focused on any semblance of a governing agenda, instead spending his days taking phone calls and meetings from anyone armed with conspiracy theories about the election. For the White House staff, it was an unending sea of garbage churned up by the bottom feeders.

    Powell began this meeting with the same baseless claim that now has her facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit: She told the president that Dominion Voting Systems had rigged their machines to flip votes from Trump to Biden and that it was part of an international communist plot to steal the election for the Democrats.

    Powell waved an affidavit from the pile of papers in her lap, claiming it contained testimony from someone involved in the development of rigged voting machines in Venezuela.

    She proposed declaring a national security emergency, granting her and her cabal top-secret security clearances and using the U.S. government to seize Dominion’s voting machines.

    "Hold on a minute, Sidney," Herschmann interrupted from the back of the Oval. "You're part of the Rudy team, right? Is your theory that the Democrats got together and changed the rules, or is it that there was foreign interference in our election?"


    "It's foreign interference," Powell insisted, then added: "Rudy hasn't understood what this case is about until just now."

    In disbelief, Herschmann yelled out to an aide in the outer Oval Office. "Get Pat down here immediately!" Several minutes later, White House counsel Pat Cipollone walked into the Oval. He looked at Byrne and said, "Who are you?"

    The meeting was already getting heated.

    White House staff had spent weeks poring over the evidence underlying hundreds of affidavits and other claims of fraud promoted by Trump allies like Powell. The team had done the due diligence and knew the specific details of what was being alleged better than anybody. Time and time again, they found, Powell's allegations fell apart under basic scrutiny.

    But Powell, fixing on Trump, continued to elaborate on a fantastical election narrative involving Venezuela, Iran, China and others. She named a county in Georgia where she claimed she could prove that Dominion had illegally flipped the vote.

    Herschmann interrupted to point out that Trump had actually won the Georgia county in question: "So your theory is that Dominion intentionally flipped the votes so we could win that county?"

    As for Powell's larger claims, he demanded she provide evidence for what — if true — would amount to the greatest national security breach in American history. They needed to dial in one of the campaign's lawyers, Herschmann said, and Trump campaign lawyer Matt Morgan was patched in via speakerphone.

    By now, people were yelling and cursing.


    It was now four against four.

    Flynn went berserk. The former three-star general, whom Trump had fired as his first national security adviser after he was caught lying to the FBI (and later pardoned), stood up and turned from the Resolute Desk to face Herschmann.

    "You're quitting! You're a quitter! You're not fighting!” he exploded at the senior adviser. Flynn then turned to the president, and implored: "Sir, we need fighters."

    Herschmann ignored Flynn at first and continued to probe Powell's pitch with questions about the underlying evidence. "All you do is promise, but never deliver," he said to her sharply.

    Flynn was ranting, seemingly infuriated about anyone challenging Powell, who had represented him in his recent legal battles.

    Finally Herschmann had enough. "Why the fuck do you keep standing up and screaming at me?" he shot back at Flynn. "If you want to come over here, come over here. If not, sit your ass down." Flynn sat back down.

    The meeting had come entirely off the rails.

    Byrne, backing up Flynn, told Trump the White House lawyers didn't care about him and were being obstructive. "Sir, we're both entrepreneurs, and we both built businesses," the former Overstock CEO told Trump. "We know that there are times you have to be creative and take different steps."


    Byrne kept attacking the senior White House staff in front of Trump. "They've already abandoned you," he told the president aggressively. Periodically during the meeting Flynn or Byrne challenged Trump's top staff — portraying them as disloyal: So do you think the president won or not?

    At one point, with Flynn shouting, Byrne raised his hand to talk. He stood up and turned around to face Herschmann. "You're a quitter," he said. "You've been interfering with everything. You've been cutting us off."

    "Do you even know who the fuck I am, you idiot?" Herschmann snapped back.

    "Yeah, you're Patrick Cipollone," Byrne said.

    "Wrong! Wrong, you idiot!"


    Trump was behind the desk, watching the show. He briefly left the meeting to wander into his private dining room.

    The usually mild-mannered Lyons blasted the Powell set: "You've brought 60 cases. And you've lost every case you’ve had!"

    Trump came back into the Oval Office from the dining room to rejoin the meeting. Lyons pointed out to Powell that their incompetence went beyond their lawsuits being thrown out for standing. "You somehow managed to misspell the word 'District' three different ways in your suits," he said pointedly.

    In a Georgia case, the Powell team had misidentified the court on the first page of their filing as "THE UNITED STATES DISTRICCT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRCOICT OF GEORGIA." And they had identified the Michigan court as the "EASTERN DISTRCT OF MICHIGAN."

    These were sloppy spelling errors. But given that these lawsuits aimed to overturn a presidential election, the court nomenclature should have been pristine.

    Powell, Flynn and Byrne began attacking Lyons as they renewed their argument to Trump: There they go again, they want to focus on the insignificant details instead of fighting for you.


    Powell at one point turned to Lyons and demanded, "Why are you speaking? Are you still employed here?" The staff secretary, who had already resigned, laughed and joked, "Well I guess I'm here until midnight."

    It was after midnight by the time the White House officials had finally said their piece. They left that night fully prepared for the mad possibility Trump might still name Sidney Powell special counsel. You have our advice, they told the president before walking out. You decide who to listen to.

    You want to read this insider account of the demented team and POTUS Trumps thinking before the Jan 6th Capitol Incitement.

    Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency


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