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Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by Jay, Jan 7, 2021.

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    This morning was the reveal of Jeep's new Grand Cherokee WL. This supplants the current WK2 generation which was introduced in 2011 and has been very successful for the brand. The WK2 had its roots in Mercedes Benz architecture because MB owned Chrysler back then. The new WL is built on a stretched version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia platform which FCA claims is stiffer and lighter than the outgoing one. I've been waiting for the longest time for Jeep to unveil it as it's a year behind schedule.

    And after the reveal...I'm disappointed. :) What else is new? :p I'm disappointed because most of the rumors regarding the WL are true:

    Rumor 1. The first version of the WL will be a stretched 3-row version and a shorter 2-row will be introduced later on. This is true and I much prefer the shorter version.

    Rumor 2. The WL will retain the aging Pentastar V6 as the base engine. True. There are no changes in the engine line up. The old outdated and thirsty Pentastar remains as does the even thirstier V8.

    Rumor 3. The hybrid 4xe will join the engine lineup at some point in the future. That would be cool. For me, though, there are too many questions-- when? for one. HEV or PHEV? and at what cost? Will it be reliable?

    Sigh. I don't think I'll stick around to find out. Anyway, the JGC WL was a dark horse for me and I'm glad that we finally get to see it and nail down some of the rumors.
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    Hi Jay:

    I cannot comment on the platform sizing changes other than the release but the 4Xe is coming.

    2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Jeep Grand Cherokee L arrives in Jeep dealerships in the second quarter of 2021; all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee two-row and its 4xe electrified version scheduled to debut later in 2021.

    Regarding interior volumes, immediately upon entry, the driver and front passenger will notice how the Grand Cherokee L’s new layout adds dimension and symmetry.

    An all-new Jeep seating architecture has been introduced on the Grand Cherokee L, featuring a length-adjustable cushion for the front row in Overland and Summit models, which is an FCA first. First-row seats with power 16-way adjustable position with memory and lumbar are available on Overland and standard on Summit. Seat back massage that includes five customizable profiles with three levels of pressure intensity is available on Overland and standard on Summit models. Heated seats in the first two rows, with three-level configurable controls for personalized passenger comfort, are standard on Limited models and above. Ventilated front-row seats are available on Limited and standard on Overland and Summit models. Ventilated seats in the second row come standard on the Summit Reserve Package.

    In the rear cabin of Summit models, standard captain’s chairs flank a new second-row console that provides generous storage and cup holders. The console was designed similarly to the front console, while sculpted for functionality and uncompromised leg and foot room for third-row occupants.

    Grand Cherokee L features larger second-row door openings than previous generations. They open 64 degrees with an ingress/egress exterior side step.

    Inside, premium seating includes room for six or seven passengers. The second row comes with standard “tip and slide” bucket seats (optional bench), 7 inches (180mm) of fore/aft travel and an available power-folding third row. Second-row bucket seats can be easily moved to create expansive passage to the third row. Child safety seats installed in the second row do not have to be removed to access the third row. Designed with passenger comfort in mind, the spacious third row provides 37.3 inches (947mm) of head room.

    Grand Cherokee L delivers increased rear cargo volume behind the second row (46.9 cu. ft.). The third-row seat features a 50/50 split and is easily folded from the rear of the vehicle. For even more utility, both the second- and third-row seats fold forward into a flat-load floor. When the second- and third-row seats are folded flat, the maximum cargo space is 84.6 cu. ft.

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    When I first saw it, I thought "meh". The outgoing WK2 is better looking. I would buy the WK2 except for the 18mpg city/25mpg rating of the Pentastar V6 base engine. I know from driving the WK2 that 22 mpg is more like it on the highway. I don't know city mpg. I also know that the giant brick Ford Expedition Max gets better FE on the road but then the Expedition has a modern engine. The Jeep Grand Cherokee does not. I had hoped that FCA would rectify the engine situation with this newest generation. They've got talented engineers and they've had plenty of time, I would think. Instead, they've released this new vehicle with old engines as a placeholder. It is already a year behind schedule.
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    I like the idea for easy access, but I'll have to make a mental note to NOT park next to one.
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