Garmin DriveSmart 71 EX with Traffic

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    [​IMG] An undocumented all-new portable navigator from Garmin?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – August 11, 2020

    Garmin DriveSmart 71 EX With Traffic


    While searching for a new GPS to replace my current DriveSmart 70, I came across something I have not seen documented.

    My DriveSmart 70 has proven to be an excellent portable navigator with a GUI and interaction proving it to be my personal favorite of all portable or embedded mapping displays. In particular, the ability to exit subdivisions with circular maze of streets thanks to the Garmin’s breadcrumb trace, providing exacting distance traveled vs. odometers when completing detailed aFCD calibrations, and every so often, map another route to derive a distance or new route while Google Maps is active on a current route in the central display or during Rideshare while on an active route in my smartphone. These are my favorite Garmin attributes that I am unable to receive as easily or at all from any other solution. While my 4-year old DriveSmart 70 continues to work as designed, the onboard Li-Ion battery is shot due to be continuously overheated while mounted on the windscreen in direct sunlight through the glass. It was a natural choice to look at the latest Garmin lineup and that is when I came across a personal/portable navigator I found to be out of the ordinary.

    A new Garmin DriveSmart 71 EX with Traffic has appeared in a few locations but with no documentation. On the Garmin Website, the Garmin DriveSmart 71 EX with Traffic appears as a small pic with no specs or details. The Manual links on the same Garmin DriveSmart page all lead back to the May of 2020 Garmin DriveSmart 55/65 Series navigators instead?

    What does appear to be included is a 6.95” Garmin very similar to the DriveSmart 65 that does not require Bluetooth for the Traffic detail. The std. traffic data from an over-the-air broadcast signal using the built-in traffic receiver brings that in. I think? I have read up on the Drive Track 71 which includes the ability to sync with Radio controlled dog collars for locating your pups in the woods. I do not think the DriveSmart 71 EX with Traffic includes that either?

    If anyone knows what was added or even what the DriveSmart 71 is, I would be greatly appreciative.

    2020 Garmin DriveSmart Lineup


    Meanwhile, in early 2019, Garmin released their latest and greatest including the DriveSmart 55 (5.5 inch diagonal display), DriveSmart 55 (5.5 inch diagonal display) with wireless backup camera, DriveSmart 65 (6.95 inch diagonal display), and DriveSmart 65 (6.95 inch diagonal display) with Alexa Integration were all designed to simplify the driving experience for daily commutes and long range road trips. The revamped portable navigators all focus on customers’ needs including high-resolution edge-to-edge displays, easy-to-follow maps with 3D buildings and terrain, and valuable travel information to assist on road trips. The Garmin DriveSmart lineup will incorporate a database of notable sites from leading media brand HISTORY for the first time, a U.S. National Parks directory, and TripAdvisor traveler ratings.

    In addition to the extensive database from HISTORY, the new Garmin Drive navigators offer a robust feature set of road trip-ready options that include a directory of U.S. National Parks to enhance navigation within America’s wealth of recreational venues by locating visitor centers, picnic areas, campgrounds, trailheads and more. Families or individuals alike can use the navigators to easily explore parks and avoid complications if cell phone service connectivity is limited within National Parks. TripAdvisor traveler ratings are also available to help drivers discover highly-rated places offering the most convenient lodging or favorite local diners, and the Foursquare Places Database provides travelers with easy access to millions of new and popular points of interest.

    The new navigators are complimented with intuitive menus that feature voice-activated navigation to help drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel, and built-in Wi-Fi that allows select models to perform simple map and software updates without relying on a USB plug into a computer. Helpful driver alerts, like school zone warnings, can potentially increase situational awareness and encourage safer driving.

    With Garmin Real Directions, users can drive using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. Thanks to the included receiver cable on most of the models, Garmin Traffic is available without the need of a smartphone. Additionally, all of the Garmin Drive models are equipped with map updates for either North America or the U.S. and Canada.

    Furthermore, the Garmin DriveSmart 55 and 65 are compatible with the new Garmin Drive app. Once the app is downloaded, the navigators can wirelessly connect with the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth to simplify the drive. Drivers will benefit from smart notifications, live traffic, live parking details, and photoLive traffic cameras that from more than 10,000 traffic cameras to oversee traffic and weather conditions.

    The Garmin DriveSmart lineup includes the Garmin DriveSmart 55 with traffic, w/ backup camera, the Garmin DriveSmart 65 with traffic and with Amazon Alexa. The navigators retail from $229.99-$349.99.
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    DriverSmart 71 seems to be an older probably discontinued product since you can find 1 year old product reviews on youtube.
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    Hi Bill:

    Follow the links and you will end up at the DriveSmart 55/65 manuals. There is nothing there to do with the 71 EX.

    Luke, there is no detail on the Garmin website about the DriveSmart 71 other than a pic and links to the 55/65 writeups. The YouTube vids are the "DriveTrack 71" with the dog trackers, not the DriveSmart 71.

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    Sorry, Wayne. That's really odd.
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    Ah right i mixed that up. I do see that Walmart sells the 71 and there are reviews from early this year.

    Most likely this might be a special edition for retailers like Walmart/Costco to avoid comparisons. But functionally probably like 65. You could check with Garmin. They have online chat as well as forums (just bought Garmin instinct Solar and forums are a good knowledge source for that at least).
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    Bet this navigator program ain’t as good as the AI-guided F-16 that beat one of the best F-16 pilots in competitions....not once, not twice, but all 5 times(more?). The human F-16 pilot never got into position to score even once.
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