Hyundai Recasts the IONIQ Nameplate as a Standalone EV Centric Brand

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    [​IMG] 2 CUV EVs and a Sedan EV were announced with a CUV the first out of the gate starting in early 2021.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – August 9, 2020

    Earlier this evening, Hyundai revealed an update to its near term product strategy with the launch of the standalone IONIQ brand dedicated to BEVs. This is Hyundai’s latest marketing push into electrified mobility.

    Under the IONIQ brand, Hyundai will leverage its EV engineering to introduce three new dedicated models over the next four years. The creation of the IONIQ brand is in response to fast-growing market demand -- aka Tesla success -- and accelerates Hyundai’s plan to compete in the global EV marketplace.

    Hyundai promises to combine its current EV capabilities with future innovations that combine design, technologies and services to integrate in-car and out-of-car experiences for a new experience in vehicle ownership.

    Rebirth of IONIQ

    Hyundai introduced the term IONIQ with Project IONIQ, a long-term R&D project focused on eco-friendly mobility. Based on the 2016 project, Hyundai introduced the IONIQ, the world’s first and only model to offer a choice of three electrified powertrain options – HEV, PHEV and BEV – within a single body type. Now, IONIQ represents Hyundai’s growing commitment to sustainability and automotive innovation.

    IONIQ 5 / IONIQ 6 / IONIQ 7

    Hyundai will be launching a range of numerically named EVs under the new brand, with the even numbers used for sedans and the odd numbers for SUVs.

    The first model under the IONIQ brand will be the IONIQ 5 midsize CUV that will launch in early 2021. IONIQ 5 is based on the concept EV ‘45’, which Hyundai unveiled at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt as a homage to its very first concept car. IONIQ 5’s designers took inspiration from the past and integrated it with cutting-edge parametric pixels, a unique design element that Hyundai designers will continue to incorporate into future IONIQ models.

    In 2022, Hyundai will introduce IONIQ 6 sedan, which is based on the company’s latest concept EV ‘Prophecy’, unveiled in March; followed by IONIQ 7, a large SUV in early 2024. Prophecy’s iconic exterior design is characterized by its aerodynamic silhouette.

    Hyundai IONIQ EV Lineup Renderings


    Hyundai E-GMP platform

    IONIQ models will sit on an Electric Global Modular Platform, known as E-GMP, that will enable fast charging capability and ample driving range. Hyundai did not even hint about an all-electric range or performance targets during the announcement.

    The EV-dedicated platform will offer highly adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique features such as a glove box designed as drawers.

    Hyundai's Mid-term Strategy through 2025

    Hyundai recently announced a tall order in which it expects to sell 1 million BEVs and take 10 percent share to become a leader in the global EV field by 2025. Many have tried and nobody other than Tesla has succeeded in growing massive volumes in the EV market to this extent.

    Under Strategy 2025, Hyundai aims to become the world's third-largest automaker of eco-friendly vehicles by 2025, with 560,000 BEV sales in addition to FCEV sales.

    Hyundai has celebrated the launch of IONIQ by turning the London Eye into a giant letter “Q” using electric lights just before the official reopening of the famous attraction.

    By announcing the arrival of IONIQ, Hyundai’s light installation heralds a new era of electrified mobility. What happens to the current slow selling Ioniq HEV/PHEV/BEV lineup? Nobody outside of Hyundai really knows?

    Vehicle || Jul-20 || Jul-19 || % Change || 2020 YTD || 2019 YTD || % Change
    Ioniq__||_1,826_||_2,891_||_-36.8%__||__7,264___||_10,490__||_- 30.8%

    2017 Hyundai Ioniq HEV

    A personal favorite for all the right reasons. ;)
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    My wife loves her Ioniq!

    Will the CEV be available in the US?
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    They will be darned certain to sell an SUV/CUV here before
    a proper sedan. And liftbacks may die.

    And it MUST have a 500 mile range.
    Just kidding. 150 miles is plenty for me.
    Are you listening , Hyundai ?
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    Cost & ability to mount my used wheels & tires on the Ionic attract me. Outside of that, the Tesla 3 is the best of the bunch..... except when you pay for it & when the Tesla has problems.
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    Here in Western Washington state, I would love a 500 mile range. I could top the EV up on free electricity, east of the Cascade Mnts & make it to Spokane, then back to the free electricity & then home.
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